Address: 41 – 43 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015 You’ll also like: Many of these clubs have seen their fair share of controversy, with accusations of discrimination, racism and sexism somewhat tainting their public image. Hyde Park Barracks. When it comes to private clubs, Sydney, Australia has plenty of options for men. Secrecy and absolute privacy is the name of the game, so guests – who range from celebrities to top corporate members and CEOs to big-name guests of owner Justin Hemmes – can be assured their activities are kept under wraps. Your membership starts from the day you purchase your membership. Love architecture & design, history & heritage and exploring Sydney's past, present and future? We'd love to see photos of your reptile encounters and Sydney Zoo t-shirts. Offer available until 9 November, 2020. You’ll find some notable names on their books, including former Prime Minister John Howard, James and Kerry Packer, and Cardinal George Pell, to name but a few. The Alexandria location, which opened in September, is the latest addition to the ‘urban village’ connecting members in club locations across Asia Pacific.

Our aim is the enhancement of the economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions that make Sydney a competitive and liveable global city. That sentiment carries into modernity, with the club specialising in private entertaining and dining for the influential ladies they boast as members and their guests. Phone: +61 2 9229 0400.

Check out our image gallery below and stay tuned for more member events in future. Enjoy a changing selection of highlights from SLM's collections, past exhibitions plus fascinating stories. The Committee for Sydney is a champion for the whole of Sydney, providing thought leadership beyond the electoral cycle.

Simply add the promo code EXPLORE or access via the below link. Thank you to all members who visited! Media is strictly forbidden, so don’t expect any tell-alls to hit the tabloids any time soon. You know that mushroom-shaped architectural oddity in Martin Place, the one that kind of looks like a spaceship? Nowadays, The Australia Club club boasts an extensive library, a fully equipped gym, a dining hall capable of hosting up to 80 guests, and reciprocal arrangements with other private members’ clubs nationally and internationally.

20 Best Hidden Bars in Sydney The most exclusive private members’ clubs in Sydney vary in history and purpose. Their enduring stubbornness to exclude the fairer sex did not do much to endear the club to women, and many opine this exclusion contributed to their near-bankruptcy in 2011. Talk of business matters inside some of the clubs on this list gets you thrown out quicker than you can say ‘would you pass the Grey Poupon’. Phone: +61 2 9240 3000 This will be an exciting exhibition quite different from the one we are all familiar with – though some things will stay the same. Members will be sent the details via email ahead of the event.

This will be an exciting exhibition quite different from the one we are all familiar with – though some things will stay the same. Some of these establishments keep a very low profile, and all of them by their very nature take privacy and secrecy very seriously, which does little to quell allegations of controversial behaviour. Receive presale access and discounted tickets to Sydney Open 2021 including our coveted Focus Tour program. The Cabbage Tree Club is one of the finest private clubs Sydney, Australia has to offer. Best Gin Bars in Sydney Address: 181 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000 Sydney Women’s International Club would like to extend a warm welcome to new members, with the offer of friendship, support, cultural exchange and activities encompassing the very best of what Sydney … 15 Best Beer Gardens in Sydney

The location may not be so secret, but that’s the only giveaway an outsider can hope to expect from Level Six. With the Art of Sydney Online artists can take advantage of the format flexibility letting their creativity expand and flourish while maintaining the highest quality that our patrons have come to expect from the Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition.

16 Best Sunday Sessions in Sydney to Wind Down the Weekend. WIN!

CUB Club – or the Club of United Business – is a space where some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders get together to build the ultimate business network. Address: Ivy Complex, George Street, Sydney Abstract5. Founded in 1858 as a horse-racing club, the Tattersalls Club was one of the last private members’ clubs in Sydney to hold on to the contentious title as a true boy’s club. Address: 31/32 Ocean Rd, Palm Beach NSW 2108 16 Best Steak Restaurants in Sydney. For 2021 CASS has taken the 31st Art of Sydney online!

The club, established in 1912, was founded as a space for country and city women to rest and socialise away from the men in their lives. The architecture reflects the minimalistic and pragmatic ethos of the venue; there’s no clutter, no excess, everything serves a purpose. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It was established as a place for travelling businessmen to rest their weary heads for a surprisingly reasonable rate considering the prime inner-city real estate. 9” by 5” in tribute to the 1889 Impression exhibition6. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums. The Australian Club is one of the most exclusive private members’ clubs Sydney has to offer. If you’ve ever been curious about the history and activities of these exclusive private members’ clubs, read on as we pull back the curtains to get a brief glimpse into these mysterious establishments. For 2021 CASS has taken the 31st Art of Sydney online! Fusing the old-world exclusivity of a private club with the collaborative power of a co-working space, CUB heralded a new age for the private members’ club when it opened the doors to its Sydney headquarters in 2014. The most exclusive private members’ clubs in Sydney vary in history and purpose. Membership is less about exorbitant fees and more about who you know, a referral from an existing member or a good word from one of the owners or head bartender will go a long way. The exhibition displays original artists’ works in six categories: 1.

The bistro does a mean no-frills rib-eye or chicken schnitty, best enjoyed with a tall bottle of Crown Lager, for old times sake. Discretion is key at Magazin – a members-only, 70-seat bar set behind an inconspicuous steel door on William St in Darlinghurst. Phone: +61 2 8324 7000. Sydney Open on Instagram. Let us know what you think of this page. Go behind the scenes of our new podcast series featuring Rebecca Hawcroft in a special members-only live online event via Zoom on Thursday 12 November, 2020. Traditional themes painted in Water Medium using Watercolour techniques. Traditional themes in Oil or Acrylic (painted as Oil).2. Address: 165 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: +61 2 9361 6142 Kafnu joins the ranks of modern clubs blurring the lines between co-working space, hotel and private members’ club, offering the strategic business and real-life social networks of both. Enjoy free entry to our museums and historic houses, including the new architecture exhibition Paradise on Earth on now at the Museum of Sydney (valued at $15 for adult entry) and the new Hyde Park Barracks experience (valued at $24 for adult entry).

3. Membership to this elite men-only club will set you back a cool $10 000, yet the financial barrier is almost trivial when compared to some of the more stringent requirements to becoming a Cabbage man. Some strive to connect entrepreneurs, a space for top business leaders to foster the ultimate network; others are sleek private bars, hidden from view from the average punter; while others still are the last remaining strongholds of the true old-boys clubs, some of which have only recently deviated from strict membership standards. CASS look forward to your virtual visit.

It’s been called an outdated bastion of the old “White Australia”, a place where private school old boys can come together and wag their chins, reminiscing on the good ol’ days. Behind the doors of the most exclusive private members’ clubs in Sydney, billion-dollar deals are negotiated, business and social networks forged, and, in some instances, celebrities, supermodels and the ultra-rich rub shoulders and play in utmost privacy. Your ideas and feedback are encouraged and will be used to help us prioritise design fixes and new features. Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30am-4:30pm, Thu 11am-7pm, Fri 11am-9pm.

CUB Club is one of the most widely-respected business clubs Sydney has to offer. Miniature paintings, traditional themes painted in the spirit of miniaturization.