His mother, Tina Baldtrip, is quite tall for a woman at 5'7". The Last Dance relied heavily on about 500 hours of candid film of Jordan's and his teammates' off-court activities which an NBA Entertainment crew had shot over the course of the 1997–98 NBA season for use in a documentary. In the end, he accepted the spot of Vince Carter. Keifer, on the other hand, stands at only 5'9" which is astonishing considering the height of his dad. Do the basketball superstars of today make it on the list? Dennis Johnson - Dennis Johnson grew 7 inches after graduating high school. [29] However, Trail Blazers general manager Stu Inman contended that it was not a matter of drafting a center, but more a matter of taking Sam Bowie over Jordan, in part because Portland already had Clyde Drexler, who was a guard with similar skills to Jordan. Question: How tall was Zion Williamson during his high school freshman year? She played basketball at Pepperdine. [37] The Bulls finished the season 38–44[38] and lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in four games in the first round of the playoffs. Michael Jordan is not only a great basketball player, but the Greatest !!! Michael has four siblings, consisting of two brothers named James Jordan Jr., Larry Jordan, and two sisters named Deloris Jordan and Roslyn Jordan. Can’t wait to bring you guys the next chapter of our story…coming at you November 2018! [151] A decade earlier, Jordan had made a bid to become part-owner of Charlotte's original NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets, but talks collapsed when owner George Shinn refused to give Jordan complete control of basketball operations. Jordan abruptly retired from basketball before the 1993–94 NBA season to play Minor League Baseball, but returned to the Bulls in March 1995 and led them to three more championships in 1996, 1997, and 1998, as well as a then-record 72 regular-season wins in the 1995–96 NBA season. [202][203][204] Although Jordan was a well-rounded player, his "Air Jordan" image is also often credited with inadvertently decreasing the jump shooting skills, defense, and fundamentals of young players,[198] a fact Jordan himself has lamented. Lamar Odom - Lamar Odom graduated high school standing at 6’2”. [38] With Scottie Pippen developing into an All-Star, the Bulls had elevated their play. Michael had an older cousin who was 6'7" and lived with the family briefly while he was in high school, working on basketball with the younger boys. Derrick White - At the time of his high school graduation, White was barely 6 feet tall. Dwayne Wade's dad, Dwayne Wade Sr., stands at 6'3" and his mum, Jolinda Wade, is around 5'5". He and his twin sister, Heather, both starred at tennis and were a fantastic mixed doubles pair. Question: How tall was Porzingis in high school?