They separate themselves from the competition as you can program them on the fly, you don’t need to hook up any special These are highly geared towards first-person shooter games, I would even say 90% of the mods are for Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield and any other FPS that has a typical shooter style layout. That’s what’s similar between the modded and macro controller, however in terms of behavior, they are completely different. These are standard Dual Shock 4 controllers that have been modded by Mega Modz. the paddles. Other suppliers use as a single program of your choosing for each mode. Please, check your email for the confirmation link. controller can program a single button at the time to a single paddle, so at max, you can have two paddles set with two This is where you can actually change the behavior of any function. buttons on the back as an add-on from Mega Modz. A modded PS4 controller is a regular controller which are modified in a way that adds new features, functions, and capabilities which are absent in the original one. However, you have to keep in mind the market is truly huge, and there are many models available out there. I am gonna explain this to you It’s really good for the beginner level, a gamer going on more to experience, who is comfortable doing modifications to the different timings. 3.3 out of 5 stars 173. You can pretty much do only single remaps to these buttons. Now that we have the button remapped, and this is a Everything you need is all in one mode. the number of lights that light up indicates what sub-mode it’s in. The other cool thing with the macro controller that you can do is entering sub-modes, which means you can go into different modes with this controller. it’s done on the fly on the actual controller. EASILY ADJUSTABLE AND WORKS WITH MOST WEAPONS. for you, so if you are one of these people who liked the Dawn do-it-yourself remap kit that I reviewed last year, but Now you're probably familiar with the first one "mode", although our modes are far different from our competitors. different functionalities and do remap with them. PS4 Modded Controller Gold Chrome - Playstation 4 - Master Mod Includes Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Qui… The other cool thing is that because there is a modchip in it, it intelligently recognizes if you change your buttons. Spending a ridiculous amount of time cycling through all of their "modes" just to get to one mod (i.e; Rapid Fire, Akimbo, Dropshot, etc.). TAKE SHOOTERS LIKE CALL OF DUTY AND BATTLEFIELD TO AN UNPRECEDENTED LEVEL WITH AN ADVANTAGE SO GOOD – IT’S EVIL. This is basically how you use this functionality and how it can get you a competitive edge in first-person shooter games such as Call Of Duty. Check our favorite accessories below! This is useful when playing a game with a semi-auto rifle. It’s very simple - all you gotta do is hold the on/off switch along with the button you’re gonna map to and the button you want to So what are you waiting for? functions such as jumping. shooter - this is one of the major differences. You can do a simple remap on add-on remappable buttons, but you can’t do stuff the macro controller does like a double or triple press or any other sub-modes. full of different types of controllers - you've got the Strike Pack, PS4’s Dual Button back attachment and even have It’s a super cool feature that Mega Modz Simple Remap, by the way, if I press the back button, it will behave just like the button that I’ve programmed it to do (X or Circle). Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with new arrivals, special offers and other info, “PRO EDITION” PS4 CUSTOM MODDED CONTROLLER. try. You Try some of these fun and challenging games! Also feel free to subscribe to my Nothings stopping your gaming experience with this controller, the possibilities are endless. THIS UNDENIABLE GAME CHANGER WILL BE DEEPLY FELT IN TEAM MATCHES AND HELP YOU BECOME VIP. PS4 Pro Blue Flames Custom Modded Controller, PS4 Pro Rubberized Lime Green Custom Modded Controller, PS4 Pro Dark Matter Custom Modded Controller, PS4 Pro Pink Chameleon Custom Modded Controller, PS4 Pro Rubberized Yellow Custom Modded Controller, PS4 Modded Controller - Independence Flag, PS4 Modded Controller - Rubberized Yellow, Meet The All-New Mega Modz PS4 Macro Controller - Personalize Your Gameplay Like Never Before, 2019 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review - Why You Should Go Pro, PS5 Modded Controllers - New Custom Designs, Release Date, and More, Xbox Elite Controller 2 vs 1 - In-Depth Look At The Differences, Best Xbox Elite 2 Controller Setup For Modern Warfare, Mega Modz PS4 Modded Controller & Armor Repair Assist Mod - Review & Tutorial, Best Xbox One Modded Controller - 2020 Guide, Mega Modz PS4 Macro Master Controller - Review & Set Up. pretty much nickel and dime and add those things to it, and it can quickly get expensive. Once in turbo mode, and I aim and press R2, I get a single fire only, With Mega Modz modded one, first, you pay for modifications upfront when you are making your selection at the checkout, and second, Mod tutorial, in-depth review of exclusive Repair Armor Assist for Warzone... An industry expert talks about his experience with one of the Xbox One modded controllers, goes deep into mods functionality, and gives his verdict at the end. map together. Use spaces to separate tags. It does it just by It’s like cruise control for your running and gunning. With a tap of a few buttons, you can access those mods, put them on the There is no limit to how many functions you want to turn on, heck turn them all on if you want! For example, if you want to use rapid fire, auto aim, and dropshot at the same time; simply turn them all on! Next, we are gonna take a look at the modded controller and I’m gonna point out the main differences between the