More posts from the stopdrinking community. But those moments are getting further apart, and they will for you too. That might not be what you want to hear as I can also see your deep affection in your post for him. To borrow a metaphor from The Lord of the Rings, no matter how thick and dark the clouds, stars are always still shining, filling empty space with light. He dotes on our children and id feel sad seperating them, but at the same time i feel like he's doing that all by himself, like am i supposed to put up with this? Cigarettes would always come first and so did cannabis- (detail removed by moderator) he packed his bags and threatened to leave me if I didn’t give him £(detail removed by moderator) for cannabis. I imagine you have fallen out of love with your partner because he's a bastard and due to this it is easy to find somebody else attractive and to be flattered. My head is all over the place .. My head is all over the place so much has happened in the last couple of weeks or so we've not long got married and said I do to each other and now things have gone down hill what does that mean? Home Survivors’ Forum Forums Is it abuse? "All I can do is perform on the pitch. Have you thought about doing a zoom meeting? Author. Have you tried reaching out to your mum again? Congrats on 12 days!! Awareness keeps working, the peaceful space in which experiences come and go. Did I make a mistake by getting married should I of waited another few years before deciding? It’s a safe place, you won’t be judged. When I played in the Scottish tournament I was all over the place. You DO deserve better.Still, now you know you don't need to stay out of fear, don't jump into the arms of the first plausible alternative. Fast forward a year and in (detail removed by moderator) (I knew by this time he had been released) and out of the blue he called.

Are you safe in your flat now? You poor, poor thing.

There's a list of suggestions in the FAQ of you need some inspiration. I hope you’ve managed to find something to do today to help you feel a little better. Of course you'll turn heads, of course you're good enough for someone else, more to the point you're too nice, to good for your current partner. Abuse can happen to all of us, no matter our profession, so please don’t feel any shame about this.

Surprising Personality Traits We Desire in Politicians. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. I was over the moon. I have an appointment for something else in about 10 days but I don’t know what to say?

But, he came into my life and quickly after went to prison.

We have been together for (detail removed by moderator). He put the phone down, citing that he didn’t want to be serious with me (detail removed by moderator) and that was it, I didn’t hear from him again. It's tough, but for me it was absolutely worth it to fight through those early days. He split my lip in an argument.i am very far from perfect and I would shout at him when I was mad but I never thought he would hurt me.

Once you have focussed on yourself then see what happens with Mr Headturn. How long has it been since you split up? Open to a healthy disenchantment about the actual results of chasing this or going to war with that. So why is my head all over the place? I stood by him throughout prison and paid off over (detail removed by moderator) of his debts.

Here goes! I think indeed tell your GP, it helps create a log of what has been happening to you and you can also be referred for therapy perhaps, get medication to help you get a proper night’s sleep, whatever else might help you. You sound quite certain of yourself: you want to leave your P; you think that life would improve as a result. Or what it's like to open your email inbox and see 20 or more new ones calling to you. You are not pathetic. You sound stressed.

Please post only when sober; you're welcome to read in the meanwhile.