Maybe still too much to you. You think about exclusive games, and you remember how beautiful Bravely Default II is looking... streaming them won't have the same feeling. Unless Nintendo forced every owner of a Switch Pro to pay monthly data plans, they’d have to divide their production of Switch Pros to even allow the option in the first place. Tethering is cheaper and easier, and already doable. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. There was not even a Queue. Met een Nintendo Switch gaming headset weet je zeker dat je het maximale uit je game-ervaring kunt halen. Ridiculous! @Shadowthrone Exactly. @SterlingEyes bandwith doesn’t say much. New Nintendo Switch releases (November 8-13, 2020), 5 big takeaways from Nintendo’s latest earnings report, New Nintendo Switch releases (November 2-7, 2020), Surprise! Well, I wouldn't as it wouldn't make sense, so I take for granted that I don't need any streaming at all. I refuse to embrace Cloud gaming. While Nintendo is considering implementing it, their main obstacle is the cost. You act as though Switch has no success but from sales and game re-corrects your guessing game here. they depend on fan boys like you to stay in business. Not having to code and optimise a port 'to the metal' makes for far fewer headaches and, potentially, faster, 'better' results. I dont pay money for games that i wont own. @graysoncharles Nobody bought the 3G variant for the PS Vita. @kalosn must be hitting the koolaid rum hard. Whem playing this game makes me want a more powerfull switch asap lol. Jeez I must be getting old, but it's a 'hell no' from me. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. But if it means we get games we had no chance of ever playing on a Nintendo console, then great. This is some Orwellian construct and it frightens me to no end. I'd say even though I'm not personally going to play any of these cloud releases seeing as how I own other platforms I'd much rather play these games on, I am open to it being an avenue for people who only own Switches to be exposed to the content they would've otherwise completely missed out on from other platforms. But, if it works for people who don't want another console/PC and they have the internet to do it with, then fantastic. Microsoft have also released their version of cloud gaming on Android devices. I personally think cloud tech works best when it can be used to enhance a game, much like MS promised but failed to deliver with Crackdown 3. However I’m a gamer and I accept that cloud gaming is probably the future and I’m looking forward to trying it. Amazon recently announced Luna, its own take on the cloud gaming service, which is also set to partner up with Ubisoft to bring a selection of the company’s games, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. I love games I can keep and revisit at my leisure, to be denied of that due to a wonky connection or a server error or having content being censored or altered some way or a service being discontinued are scary ideas indeed. I didn't have any problems playing it but I also live in an area where 200mbs is standard. F...k that. @Unit_DTH and people still by their BS and become their fanboys. Investigate all and see for yourself. It is a despicable practice and it is leaking over into the "physical" versions of games as well, due in no small part to the need for a day one patch or perpetual updates... this is how they enforce their EULA with physical titles. The Control demo is very impressive. As to update all games needs update some more then other example Witcher 3.6 that improve graphics to night and day. I'm not completely sure yet, I'll have to wait a bit later to see what's their stance on Cloud streaming. It should be reserved for only the games that are the hardest to port. I'll have to look into it. I must have tried the Control cloud version just before everyone else did, I was able to start a session right away and didn't have to wait. @Cosats only because the lack of a true 3ds successor and the price and the fact parents buy it for their kids. I don’t want Nintendo to take losses on systems sold because they will then cut back in other areas for little return. How the heck are we supposed to preserve games if there is never a way to actual download all the data? I'd be much more inclined to pay $5 or $10 for a rental period in this scenario. But you need to know, I am definitely fond of Nintendo implementing new technologies on their products. Or better yet, just getting xCloud or a similar model on Switch where you get access to not just one game. Personally, I won't go this route on Switch as I can just grab these on Steam. Maybe for a multiplayer based game that I am really into, since they have to rely on online anyways.