The nomads were subjected to great pressure of moving populations and gradually migrated westward, where they had increasing contact with European countries. These nomads relied exclusively on the food produced by cattle, sheep and … The tactics in war were the traditional nomad tactics of harassing the enemy on the march, constantly retreating before him and avoiding a general engagement. The best part about the nomad is that it is mobile and can be arranged into a whole host of configurations (lounge chair, sofa, single chair, etc)-- Emily FlynnExhibits: The Art Is in the SpaceIf any artist today could be called a nomad, it's Canada-born photographer Gregory Colbert, who roams the globe shooting wildlife. This comprises most of the upper basin of the Great Zab, with the country of the Nestorian Christians and many districts inhabited by Kurdish tribes, some of them large nomad tribes who descend for the winter to the plains of the Tigris. So the rival faction brought out another .Arsacid, resident among the Scythian nomads, Artabanus II., who easily expelled Vononesonly to create a host of enemies by his brutal cruelty, and to call forth fresh disorders.

3. The east of Iran was further subdued, and, after Cyrus met his end (528 B.C.) They do not represent the opinions of Wiki User Answered .

The nomadic tribe moved their camp several times a year. The underlying fact which made the trek possible is that the Dutchdescended colonists in the eastern and north-eastern parts of the colony were not cultivators of the soil, but of purely pastoral and nomad habits, ever ready to seek new pastures for their flocks and herds, and possessing no special affection for any particular locality.

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It should be mentioned that there is another, entirely independent, nomad race, .the despised Nowar, who correspond to the gipsies or tinkers of European countries. agriculture does not exist; the reindeer constitutes the principal wealth of the nomad Samoyedes and Lapps. and allied tribes are nomads and cattle raisers. The greater part of its body is covered by a pattern of acanthus leaves, but on the shoulder is a frieze showing nomads breaking in wild mares, our chief authority for Scythian costume. 2009-01-06 15:53:09 2009-01-06 15:53:09. The nomads of the patriarchal ages, whilst mainly dependent upon their flocks and herds, practised also agriculture proper. The nomads are represented by about 18,000 Kalmucks, and the remainder by Kirghiz.

Both Aryans and Mongols have their representatives there, the former settled for the most part, the latter chiefly nomad. Sentence Examples A group of nomad families sharing a common ancestry is more likely to deal with the challenges of the desert. 1 hour ago. Other explanations suggested are arborigines, "tree-born," and aberrigines, "nomads.". is said to have conquered the Shasu, or Arabian nomads, from the fortress of Taru (Shur?) , The traveling salesman is a nomad who goes from town to town hoping to sell his products.

, In the spirit of a nomad, Jose moves from state to state in search of work. He was taken prisoner by the Blemmyes, a nomad tribe that gave much trouble to the empire in Africa, and when they set him free in the Thebaid near Panopolis (Akhmim) c. 450, they exposed him to further persecution from Schenute the great hero of the Egyptian monks. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

So long as a great horde of nomads was encamped on the frontier the country was liable to be invaded by an overwhelming force of ruthless marauders. As late as 1571 Moscow was pillaged by a Tatar horde; but there was no longer any question of permanent political subjection to the Asiatics, and the Russian frontier was being gradually pushed forward at the expense of the nomads of the steppe by the constant advance of the agricultural population in quest of virgin soil. The latter were indubitably the Ugrian nomads of the steppe, akin to the Tatar invaders of Europe, who filled the armies and convoyed the caravans of the ruling caste.

More information on the wonderful wordsmith is available at Blue Nomad. Nomads hit back when a defense splitting pass from skipper Marc Lambert found Tommy Mutton, who forced a save from Gerard Doherty.

Examples of Nomadic in a sentence. Sega still wanted to try to topple Nintendo's hold on the portable gaming market, so Sega released the Nomad, which was meant to be portable edition of the Genesis. 4); and Arsaces, a chief of the Parni or Aparnian Iranian nomad tribe (therefore often called Dahan Scythians), inhabiting the steppe east of the Caspianmade himself master of the district of Parthia (q.v.) Revenue is derived from customs duties, direct taxation and tribute paid by the nomad tribes. The nomad not only domesticates and turns to his own use the gentler and more powerful animals, such as sheep, cattle, horses, camels, but even turns some predatory creatures, like the dog, into a means of defending their natural prey. Shammar and Tema, there are numerous wells and artificial as well as natural reservoirs resorted to by the nomad tribes. Some 50,000 in number, they spend a nomad existence wandering from pasture to pasture, living in low skin tents, their herds providing their food. In the desert (as among the Arabian and Turanian nomads), in wild and sequestered mountains (as in Zagros in north Media, and Mysia, Pisidia, Paphlagonia and Bithynia in Asia Minor), and also in many Iranian tribes, the old tribal constitution, with the chieftain as its head, was left intact even under the imperial suzerainty. 52.3k. "The Semitic nomads," remarks Renan in his History of Israel (tome 1, p. 50), "were the religious race par excellence, because in fact they were the least superstitious of the families of mankind, the least duped by the dream of a beyond, by the phantasmagory of a double or a shadow surviving in the nether regions..

52.3k. The Arabs of more or less unmixed descent are purely nomads.

Use nomad in a sentence nomad sentence examples - Sentence Examples. Sentence with the word Nomad. Nomad in a sentence. The term " Bilad-es-Sudan " (" country of the blacks ") is not altogether applicable to the Anglo-Egyptian condominium, the northern portion being occupied by Hamitic and Semitic tribes, chiefly nomads, and classed as Arabs. in 248 B.C.

Schweinfurth declares them the best-looking of the Nile nomads, and the men are types of physical beauty, with fine heads, erect athletic bodies and sinewy limbs. Where the land was unsuitable for nomad occupation the agricultural population remained, and it still retains some of its original characteristics. 1 -142), the country of the Scythae or the country over which the nomad Scythae were lords, that is, the steppe from the Carpathians to the Don. nomad bee found more commonly in the South of England.

Tribes also moved down from the north: nomads, or offshoots from the powerful states which stretch into Asia Minor.