Toppin’s gonna be one of the better cutters in the NBA with his natural ability to move without the ball. Furthermore, with the addition of D’Angelo Russell, the Timberwolves finally have a playmaker on offense. Toppin reminds me a lot of Aaron Gordon in ways. Playing alongside Garland could put Toppin in great positions to score the ball. He can’t just get the ball in an isolation and score like other elite players. This site has no affiliation with the National Basketball Association | Website by, 2020 Early Entry List / Projected Draft Ranges. Stoudemire was exceptional in the pick and roll/pick and pop but needed a playmaker who was able to get him open. He can get backed down by centers fairly easy because he stands tall and just waits to time a potential  block attempt. None of those players have gone in the top 20. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. His ability to make a defense pay as a lob threat will be valuable. With his personality, I could definitely see him being a much better defender in bigger matchups/playoff games because he craves the attention. That’s remarkable. He does have a high turnover percentage as the decision-maker on the break (33.3%), but on average, he still converts at a very high clip. Wird verwendet, um YouTube-Inhalte zu entsperren. He has miles to go as a dribbler and doesn’t have a good pull-up. Stats found on Sports-Reference ( found Sportsnaut (, This account is run by Bradley and Sean (BS) Patten. Toppin is almost always the screener/roller in the pick and roll; so, rarely will he be in the position of the decision-maker role. This could be a part of the lack of competition, but at 22 years old, by NBA standards, you would hope he would have matured past this by now. Weight: 220 lbs Obi Toppin could be the missing tool for the Cavs. If Toppin is not selected at pick 3, there aren’t any teams that need an athletic power forward until pick 10, the Phoenix Suns. The Timberwolves are a young, long, athletic team in need of a power forward that can get up and down the floor. Wird zum Entsperren von Google Maps-Inhalten verwendet. Toppin will want to get 15+ shots a game. The good news for Toppin is that the traditional big man is a dying breed. Obi Toppin; Toppin in 2020. First off, the ball has a little bit of a sideways spin at times and you can tell he uses his off-hand more than he should. One remarkable physical feature about Toppin is his 7 foot 4 wingspan. He’ll be a factor in the pick and roll game and thrive in transition, but his struggles on the defensive end may hinder him from ever reaching his true potential. As it stands right now, the Timberwolves would have the third overall pick and Obi Toppin may be the best fit for them. Wird verwendet, um Facebook-Inhalte zu entsperren. Essenzielle Cookies ermöglichen grundlegende Funktionen und sind für die einwandfreie Funktion der Website erforderlich. Some of these names are John Collins, Aaron Gordon, and Blake Griffin before the injuries. When the defenses switches, Toppin will roll right to the block to post up the smaller defender. If selected by Cleveland with their fifth overall pick, Toppin could compliment the young backcourt of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. D.O.B: March 4, 1998 Height: 6 foot 9 Weight: 220 lbs Wingspan: 7 foot 4 Positional Role: Mobile Big Current Team: Dayton Flyers. Sacramento Kings: 3 burning questions heading into the 2020 offseason. Toppin has shown that he is a versatile, all-around player that can be relied upon to make big plays. Asserting himself in a variety of ways last season, Toppin relished the way Dayton spaced the floor as his ability to score one-on-one on the block, find angles to finish emphatically working with and without the ball, and budding ability to step out and make jump shots were magnified in the Flyers’ NBA-style system. There will certainly continue to be growing pains as far as how this team figures out how to win. The only problem with these stats is that we do not know if these numbers are inflated because he plays in a weaker conference. His weak side instincts are pretty good, but he often gets away with relying on his athleticism to make a play. If teams are looking for dynamic offensive players who can create their own shot, Toppin isn’t that guy. With Toppin’s versatility, it could potentially allow Garland and Sexton to be able to work comfortably on the perimeter. Has the highest career field goal percentage in Dayton history (64.7). His style is nearly comparable to Amar’e Stoudemire with the way he is on the fastbreak. Enthält einen eindeutigen Code für jeden Kunden, so dass WooCommerce weiß, wo die Warenkorbdaten in der Datenbank für jeden Kunden zu finden sind. Sometimes the defense will collapse the ball handler, and Toppin will dive to the basket. The A10 conference hasn’t been particularly strong as of late in terms of producing NBA prospects, so how valid are all of Toppin’s stats? Mit 2,05 Meter besitzt er eine gute Länge für die Power-Forward-Position und sein Dreier war mit 39 % auf College-Ebene sehr ordentlich. Toppin also excels in the pick and roll but is reliant on a playmaker to get open looks. With Ricky Rubio at point guard, Toppin’s rim-running will get him plenty of easy looks in transition. Toppin’s stats were excellent last year at Dayton. Toppin’s length at 6-foot-9 along with his 7-foot-4 wingspan forces him to use his athleticism to its maximum potential. While setting a screen, Toppin reads the position of the defense to determine what the best course of action is. Displaying good instincts getting in the passing lanes and the explosiveness to protect the rim, Toppin had some positive moments defensively although he often looked to avoid foul trouble. Am besten passt er jedoch zu den Golden State Warriors, die den zweiten Pick besitzen. Obi Toppin could finally be the power forward Phoenix has been searching for since Amar'e: – Off the charts athleticism; creates dynamic rim-running duo with Ayton– Plus instincts as secondary rim protector– Floor-spacing potential = 39% on 3s– 2019-20 Naismith Award winner Since Karl Anthony-Towns is the cemented centerpiece on that team, Toppin can settle into a more complementary role and transition into the NBA more smoothly. Toppin’s offensive game is comprised of mostly dunks, spot-up jump shots, and baby hooks.