The best way to be prepared for anything that might happen to your vehicle or caravan when you’re on the road alone is to invest in some driver training courses before you leave home. Some of these scenes include sexual sounds and motions.

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Many scenes with characters in underwear and partially undressed; one scene where you can hear people having sex. Characters drink frequently, at home, at bars, at social gatherings and sometimes alone. Daily |

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On a flight home to Chicago for a family wedding, childhood friends Josh and Molly agree to fake an engagement for Josh's dying father.

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To receive regular towing hints, tips sign up to our newsletter today! For instructions on how to properly handle a severe food allergy reaction, check this site:, A scene in this film is shot at Ellis Island. A man, who brags about getting his way with women, is shown passionately embracing, kissing, fondling and undressing various lovers (no nudity is shown).

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©, Inc. or its affiliates. "Suck it," "t-ts," "hell," "ass," "goddamn.". One Small Hitch releases to home video on February 10, 2015. We won't share this comment without your permission. Take good, up-to-date maps and plan your route each day.

Parents need to know that One Small Hitch is a funny romcom that's all about love, sex, and weddings, with the focus on sex. While their respective parents are mostly enthusiastic, no one else expected a smooth-talking ladies man like Josh to tie the knot with the awkward, kid sister of his best friend (Robert Belushi). The setup has the added benefit of presenting a positive example for young viewers about looking past a person’s outward appearance, and discovering what is truly important.

From the Studio: Exclamations using names of deity, along with mild and moderate profanities are regularly toss about too. Why has this thought never crossed Josh’s mind before? Your choice will depend on many factors, including your capabilities, budget and how you intend to use it. by IMDbPro - an Only when they arrive - it's too late! For viewers who suspect many sowers of wild oats are likely to return to their former habits, the believability of this happy ending comes with one small hitch. Although receiving pointers on how to dance and be a suave, sophisticated womanizer, the klutzy bean counter doesn’t really gain Allegra’s attention until he quits his job in demonstrative fashion.

Without A Hitch is the place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, "how to" guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing. About Without A Hitch Stand-up saga has a foul mouth but brains and heart, too. Extra confetti includes three deleted scenes and a blooper reel. Religious differences in a marriage are discussed. General Care - Cleaning Your Board. Emotionally drained, Molly passes out in Josh's arms just as he gets a phone call from his parents. Women’s menstrual cycles are briefly discussed. Despite all skepticism, the couple carries on the ruse, even when it means sharing the same apartment, wearing an heirloom engagement ring and trying on dresses at a bridal shop. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a thorough working knowledge on how to: You might choose to travel solo, but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely solitary. Astrid A young lady who has lost her left arm below the elbow. References to Mad Men, Lost, and Sixteen Candles. Take a look at our buying guide according to budget.

But now that he has fallen in love, can the doctor find the right prescription for himself? IMDb Synopsis Violence: beginning. Nudity is implied (but not seen) at a spa, and when a man walks in on a woman taking a bath. company. International |

To receive regular towing hints, tips sign up to our newsletter today! Alas, while this film offers surprisingly little opportunity for its key characters to engage in sexual pursuits (aside from a brief, comedic male/male kiss that repulses both parties), unnecessary profanities are plentiful, as are a few other sexual comments and innuendo. Will Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a suave, wise, commanding “date doctor” who developed his skills at helping men woo the woman of …

One character even gets “high” after taking medication recommended by a stranger. Molly's family is delighted that her "Mystery Man" turns out to be Josh, and Josh's dad is thrilled that his Playboy son is finally settling down with a nice girl they've known all their lives.

Josh convinces Molly to play fiancée by using a deadly combination her Catholic Guilt and his Playboy Charm.