Trying to draw new business is difficult. Restaurants that can take advantage of this are at a distinct advantage and could potentially generate some free advertising. Jonathon Henderson is the owner of Better Bistro Media, a Georgia SEO Agency, that helps businesses increase their presence on the digital landscape to drive leads and sales. In the UK, where Dishoom is based, there is intense competition in the Indian cuisine market. Businesses especially often require food for events and meetings. You either die early or live long enough to have an army of loyal customers.

Many of the tips below feature in more detail in our ultimate guide to offline marketing that you can see here, while POSist has a guide specifically relating to offline tactics restaurants can use. It can get more people in the doors and may keep them in your business longer. Many restaurants find that Mondays and Tuesdays are slower than other days of the week. A quiz may not work that well in a fine-dining restaurant, for example. An app is an excellent way to make it as easy as possible for customers to order food or make a reservation. Find a sample marketing plan for restaurant, cafe and bakery. Getting your restaurant on search engines can be a great way to market your restaurant. Offer them and a guest a free meal at your restaurant, provided that they do an honest review. A business will always need a team for it to run smoothly. This makes it more likely that a customer will recommend the restaurant, as well as increasing the chance that the person being recommended to will take up the offer. The example below shows how restaurants can use social media giveaways to increase followers and shares.

The one that works best for yours will ultimately depend on your audience.

He has worked with expanding the digital marketing presence of numerous restaurants whether that be in SEO, Web Design or Reputation Management. As most people have their mobile device with them at pretty much all times, notifications mean you can get through to customers wherever they are. When you try to create a SWOT analysis, try to find companions to help you. The first step to successfully marketing your restaurant is to create an in-depth marketing plan (you can see our guide here). The perfect place to start forming the actual plan is an internet search of other restaurants’ marketing strategies. Billboards may also be less expensive than you think. Instagram is perhaps the best place to use them as the service’s visual nature makes it a great place for restaurants and because users can follow specific hashtags (here’s how). This article is a list of 31 different ideas you can use to market your restaurant. Knowing the competitions means to give the customers what your competition can not. Many users take great pictures while eating at your restaurant, and by sharing them, you have a free source of high-quality content. There are two ways to utilize user-generated content.

Restaurants with apps can use push notifications to encourage people to visit the restaurant. Running giveaways through your social media sites can be a great way to encourage your existing audience to come out to your restaurant and spread the reach of your pages. This is significant when you consider one study found that nearly half of people speak to friends and family for restaurant recommendations.
The best way to approach this is usually to offer a higher incentive for the initial sign-up, like a free appetizer or a buy one get one free coupon for entrees. Also, invite the publications to the event so they can cover it in more detail. Write a press release with everything the publication needs to cover the story. We found that after 12 months of app adoption, businesses increase both their average spend per order and their average number of orders per customer per month. When they get 1250 points, they get a free entrée. Tools like Stackla make this easy to do if you have a large number of users. Rewards Network has a guide to designing effective restaurant signs you can see here. In this post, we looked at 50 great restaurant websites and broke down what each of them does well. When it comes to promoting these packages, make it clear in your restaurant that you offer catered services. Create marketing materials like a restaurant logo, foodie flyers, and business cards! However, even for small businesses, creating a strategic plan still has its benefits.