And the music of course was superb; thoroughly recommended.’.

Jodi Hawley - Podium Pathway Advisor Dr. Jane Labreche - Sport Science/ Sport Medicine Advisor Jean-Philippe Lavoie - High Performance Advisor Jessica Levitt (Dilliott) - High Performance Advisor Chris Lindsay - High Performance Advisor Rob McIntosh - Manager, Finance Shelley Milton - Manager, Operations and Administration; Executive Assistant For more information, inluding prices, and to book a one to one meeting to discuss your own Podium session contact: Simon Blendis

A member of the Podium team since 2010, Tom's background includes small business entreprenuership, where he owned an auto-detailing business in his hometown of Tumwater, WA. Our creative team work with you to structure a unique immersive session that will offer a new perpsective on the challenges your business may be facing, drawing remarkable parallels to the mechanisms of a globally renowned orchestra. Yeti's role at Podium includes fan engagement, grunting, general buffoonery, and eating everything in sight. Feel free to contact us for any business, media, or personal inquiries: Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu mnt 158/2-88, 11317, Tallinn, Estonia, © 2020 Podium Teams.
SHARED OWNERSHIP In a world class orchestra there can't be any passengers, every player has a clear understanding of their role and how their performance affects the team. Tom is also an avid mountain biker and a former motocross rider, having riden professionally in the Pacific Northwest throughout the 1970's. Podium is a unique opportunity to witness the musical talents of the LMP's very best players and also offers a window into understanding the essential components of leadership to become a world-class orchestra. Cailey Bryson - Coordinator, Performance Sciences, Research and Innovation.
Linking visions, plans and programs to results, realities and efficiencies. Simon has led most of the major UK symphony and chamber orchestras and has also developed a reputation for charismatic public speaking.

Skills: Mobile, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter.

Podium sessions are specially tailored to the specific needs of your business. Mike Christie - Performance Intelligence and Analysis Advisor. Podium: 2014: Moved above the bike shop: Podium: 2016: Participated in Y Combinator: Y Combinator: 2017: Series A Funding: Podium: 2018: Opened Australia Office: Podium: 2018: Series B Funding: Podium: 2018: Podium HQ Grand Opening: Podium: 2018: Forbes: The Cloud 100 ... Blog Google Reviews Online Reviews Messaging Platform Business Text Messaging Review Management Software Get the App. Skills: High Load, Java, JS, Blockchain, DevOps. Teams can be selected based on specific experience to whichever industry vertical is most applicable to your needs.

After graduation from Neanderthal University in the fall of 2008,  Yeti joined the Podium team in 2009 as an entry-level warehouse intern. We operate on an open book principle, so clients have full visibility and control of team cost. Perfect for conferences, seminars or professional development sessions, Podium is a hugely enjoyable and insightful initiative that will get your workforce to think differently about what it means to be a leader. | 020 8686 1996, LMP at St John's, St John the Evangelist, During his free time, Yeti enjoys snowboarding, hanging with friends, and scrap booking. Podium sessions are versatile and work as stand alone events or can be built into wider business conferences. Podium demonstrates how an effective leader understands how, and when, to empower their colleagues in order to achieve extraordinary results. He quickly worked his way up to the position of Crowd Engagement Manager, and ultimately to Director of Non-Human Resources. There is no differentiation between your podium team and the rest of your workforce; they work directly for you as part of your specific workflow. This is one of the best’, ‘The Podium session provided an excellent demonstration of how leadership works and how it flows during a performance, in the moment and over time. In addition to the main Podium training session, we also offer the option of facilitated workshops to develop and explore the issues raised for participating organisations or indviduals. There is no differentiation between your podium team and the rest of your workforce; they work directly for you as part of your specific workflow. Libby Burrell - High Performance Advisor. Podium is a unique opportunity not only to enjoy the LMP’s fine musicianship, but also to understand and appreciate the essential components required to lead a world-class orchestra – all of which can be applied to your own work environment.

AI, Blockchain, Big Data, AR/VR, DevOps, etc.). Podium is a groundbreaking initiative that uses the classical orchestra as a powerful metaphor for leadership and teamwork in a broad spectrum of organisations and businesses. We can help you strengthen your management team with the proven leaders who can provide interim advisory and support and will help you to adjust your strategy and ensure its successful execution. We create unique sessions for any size team, from small groups of senior executives to larger groups of over 200 people for business conferences. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LONDON MOZART PLAYERS, ‘Participants in a Podium session are left in no doubt as to the critical issues in achieving sustainable, superior levels of performance, while at the same time enjoying great music making. Own the Podium Team. Our carefully crafted teams already have real-world experience working with one another; this means there is no downtime as teams are incorporated into your workflow. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. No more mystery fees or blanket-statement invoices – you know what you are paying for.

These are the people who have have worked to build Podium into an engagement marketing industry leader that top brands seek out to help bring their sponsorship and events to life. Blockchain-based Decentralized Proof of Location Solution. Led by the London Mozart Players, one of the world’s finest chamber orchestras, Podium’s unique interactive sessions – ideal for conferences or CPD workshops – will inspire a revitalised perspective on leadership, while providing an insight into what it takes so achieve sustainable superior performance.

Every member of Podium Teams has a deep and varied history in working with outsourcing solutions.

LMP is the only professional orchestra in the UK to be managed both operationally and artistically by its players.