Now you can write a good written professional email with high chances of getting a good response. For instance, you may begin with “I am writing to inquire about the interview we had about your writing project” or “I am writing in response to an invitation……..”. If not yet, then you will want to ensure you give them a more context. First, you want to inquire about something and second, you want to make the recipient know what to do next. There’s been much turmoil when it comes to e-mail and its use, ever since the rise of instant messaging. This is a good opportunity to nudge them to take action. Before sending a professional email, here are a few questions you should ask yourself first: Avoid subject lines such as hello or hi and instead try to make a subject clear. The length of your email is also important in determining how effective your message is going to be. Use paragraphs – form a paragraph with related points and change paragraphs to present separate ideas. Apart from personalization, there are two more trends, which will develop further – interactivity and optimization for mobiles. Note that this is your last time to detect any errors and so you should be careful at this stage. You can get to know who the head of every department is, who is the human resource and many other titles just by researching the company. So email is here to stay, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. In this case, you need to know the type of email you are sending and what response you want to get from the recipient. Email is the most widely used tool for business communication at the workplace. We use cookies to provide a better service for our users. In the days before Facebook became a true alternative for verifying one’s identity on the web, a valid email address was the main gateway to accessing any online service. If you want to learn more about emoticons and what benefits can they offer to your business, check our blog post: Emojis in Business Communication. Also, since face-to-face communication lack in this type of communication, be aware that the wrong choice of words can happen. Who are you writing to? Before you start writing the email, give it some thought first. If you can’t spend the time to get the right name of the recipient or the company even on other social networks like LinkedIn then it means you will never have time to double check your work. Yes, an exclamation mark! Definitely, you will get annoyed. Is the use of professional email communication in the very center of your business life? What is the purpose of sending this email? “Please find attached the research proposal. Email is far from the ideal transmission and storage medium, but it’s still the primary channel for business communication. Though it is easy to send a quick reply using your phone, it is vital to verify every email you send. Note that the email you send might negatively or positively impact your personality. Not only is it still alive, it’s now used as a primary way to communicate in the business world. An email can be effective only when the language used is grammatically sound and is spelt correctly. Poorly written, unclear, misleading or ineffective emails not only cause a loss of time and productivity, but can also harm one’s reputation by leaving a poor impression on the reader. As for new trends in 2020, the rise of chatbots and AI is inevitable. Aim at avoiding making the recipient dig through several paragraphs to find out what you want- be clear and to the point always. Those lines are not informative so therefore they don’t give the reader the idea of how important your message is. In this case, you need to keep your message clear and concise. Email often serves to exchange information within organizations. The subject line, as the name suggests, must be specific to the content of your email. For clarity purposes, ensure to shorten lengthy sentences and paragraphs as much as possible. Research by Statista shows that currently there are around 4 billion email users and this number is about to grow up to around 4.48 billion in 2024. Email may be convenient but does not necessarily mean that it is the best means of communication in every situation at the workplace. Possibly ever. Good email etiquette maintains that you do your best to respond to business communications as soon as possible. Using crazy and bad fonts in your emails can create a bad impression. In other words…. You need to get straight to the point of your email. Another way to greet the recipient is by using their title such as “Dear Hiring Manager”. After you’ve created a good subject line and introduced yourself, you should maintain the same flow throughout your email- avoid beating around the bush. A poorly written email can portray you as being unprofessional. Sending an email doesn’t require you to be an expert in grammar and punctuations, but check for such mistakes is vital. A professional email should be written in a formal manner. After greeting the recipient, you need to introduce yourself right away, especially if it’s your first time contacting them. It has also become much smarter and easier to use, retaining ubiquity and interoperability. The subject line is the first thing the recipient will come into contact. This will show how unprofessional you are even if you act professionally. With the explosion of new communication systems, many assumed that it will decline, but this can’t be more wrong. Anywhere access has become a common feature for all users, who now access their email from several devices, at any time and from any location.” – Executive summary, E-mail Staticstics Report, In contrast to popular belief, email is actually a tremendous open platform. Email is one step forward to a less commercial, less centralized web.  Read: Customer Experience Guide: How to Put your Customers First? For example, UpLead’s and AeroLeads’ prices range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Keep your messages clear and brief. Think about what you could do if you were the recipient of the email you are writing. When writing a professional email, always keep everything short and to the point. Alternatively, you can turn it into a complete sentence by formatting your salutation as “Hi, Jeremy.”. . Effective communication is one of the biggest challenges of remote work. That’s why it’s crucial that you spend time on creating a professional email address. So ensure to check the size of the file you want to attach and if it’s a large file, you might as well compress it. Understand the person you are writing to. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Whether it is a short or a long email, always begin with a greeting. But it definitely won’t be forgotten any time soon. Do note that the punctuation for your greeting (as well as for the sign-off) may depend on the language you are writing in. Using “To Whom it may concern” shows that you haven’t bothered yourself to research before writing the email. The less the details you include, the better your email will be to understand. First, we should consider some email facts. In this case, ensure to use words that have clear meanings and exist in the dictionary. „Messages you send are a reflection of your own professionalism , values, and attention to detail, so a certain level of formality is needed.“. A personalized message has a much higher conversion rate, so much more is going to be explored and implemented this year as well. Note that sending an email without having a clear purpose could be a waste of time to you and the recipient. Emails may be informal in personal contexts, but business communication requires attention to detail, awareness that your email reflects you and your company, and a professional tone so that it may be forwarded to any third party if needed. CRM evolution has been taking many directions, depending on the technological innovations. For instance, you could say “I am Boniface. Email is the communication tool of choice for most of us. Until the robots kill us all.” – Paul Buchheit, founder of FriendFeed. You need to grab your recipient’s attention and also make them understand the purpose of your email so that they can know what action to take thereafter. This might portray you as being careless. You should not communicate too many subjects in one email message. Have you included a brief subject line? So keep your greeting formal always when writing a professional email. Alexis C. Madrigal has a great argument that proves the importance of email as a business channel: “They are super lightweight, so they download quickly over any kind of connection, and the tools to forward or otherwise deal with them are built expertly and natively into our mobile devices.” – Alex C. Madrigal. It helps in adding clarity to your message. Nowadays, companies have placed their information on the internet. Think about a situation where you write the word “Not” when you wanted to mean “Now”. So, being able to communicate effectively via email is … Email is probably not the future of business communication, but it still rules today's professional online interactions. There is no need for promoting email as a product. Sometimes, a call may be more appropriate, and sometimes you may want to switch to team chat. What can we expect from customer service in the future? Chatbots can contribute to better customer satisfaction, a higher percentage of engagement and an overall better user experience. Because it developed early in the history of the commercial internet, email is a great support structure for many other things. Treat an email subject line as you would a newspaper headline – use it to grab the reader’s attention whilst summarizing the main idea of the email in a concise sentence. Long and badly structured sentences confuse the reader. She is in love with traveling. If you need to have a copy of the email, have you included the Bcc? Even if you are not able to attend to an email right away, writing a line back in acknowledgement that you have received it and will attend to it shortly, shows professionalism.