Here are today’s top stories: Google, Microsoft, Cisco and LogMeIn offer free remote tools. Thankfully, tons of tools now exist to assist writers with a variety of challenges.

Social Listening Social Media Social Media Marketing social media social media marketing twitter analytics twitter analytics tool twitter analytics tools. MORE, Here're 5 Twitter influencers' tools that will help you find the best influencer for your next marketing campaign! MORE, From the writing itself to collaborating on text to blocking out distractions, these programs and apps can help communicators tackle the most vital—and often most daunting—of their duties. Approach Ahrefs with specific marketing goals in mind, and you’ll get a lot of value out of it.

Microsoft is offering a six-month Office 365 trial, with includes its Teams tool (instant messaging, workflow tools, video conferencing and more). Mixmax also provides templates, so you can create the best looking and most effective email. Complete your set session, and you’ll be able to save your work. Write as if it were a front page article. You can then reach out with your creds and build a relationship.

A good example of more advanced tag management is seen in remarketing: you visit a site, go to another one and there’s an ad for the previous site. You need to engage millennial workers, but your traditional communication channels might not be the best option. Below, we give 10 awesome press release examples and discuss why they work so well. Moz intelligently created these metrics and how they interact with each other.”Stephen Stanczak (@MartechWiz) | Founder of MarTechWiz. The price is per news release and depends on reach and length. Track who’s opening your email, and when.

MediaMiser was based in Canada and provided media monitoring tools.

I am very much looking forward to attending the Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) in Boston next Tuesday, where I will be moderating a session on content marketing. MORE, When a PR pro writes, it usually is a marketing activity—and that writing must be sharp, clear and focused.

The system isn’t perfect, but it is by far the best link-building and relationship tool I’ve found on the market, given that it allows you to automate the parts that make sense without becoming a complete robot.”Allison Boyer (@allison_boyer) | Content marketing consultant at Better Blogging with Allison. Yet the tools that PR teams use can make the difference between a project and an ongoing retainer relationship. Press Release Writing MORE, Content has ruled digital strategies for the past couple decades now -- and with that reign, we've seen some great content writing, as well as some misfires. Write captions for your posts, attach the media you wish to include and then pick dates for them to be published.

The tweets feature tons of great advice, links to resources, running commentary on the day’s activities – and of course lots of social tools talk. Apps and web tools come and go like Silicon Valley startups, and the choices can feel endless. Writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer. If your headline kicks ass, your outreach message will invite clicks. These are tools, not rules,” writing coach Roy Peter Clark once said in a lecture to journalists about writing. With all of these changes, tools have become a necessity, not just a luxury.

Once you’ve selected a topic and defined your specific objective, start jotting down headline ideas and writing quick bullet points of key ideas you want to cover. Typed in the URL and then BAM 253 emails.” Pierre Wooldridge (@allmakebelieve) | CEO at All Make Believe. This is a great strategy to appeal to journalists who you want to write about your news. It’s the 1970s, and the mid-level rock band Stillwater is poised to make its Rolling Stone magazine debut. Writing & Editin. No more switching between numerous applications and email clients - it’s a PR management solution which allows you to control your entire workflow from one place. But if I write the word "existence," what do you picture? As such, podcasts are an old tool with a new twist. We can use your profile and the content you share to understand your interests and provide content that is just for you. Email notifications for domain health, won/lost backlinks, and positions tracker mean you can be alerted daily, weekly, or monthly.

It works in four ways: This PR tool is great for companies with office around the world – allowing the coordination of simultaneous outreach. Although some complain that there are too many tools, and it is hard to understand and navigate all the options, these are exactly the reasons that I found the day to be so useful.

What I want to do in this post is examine tech tools that improve different dimensions of your writing. In today’s digital environment, there’s a thousand different ways to tell a story and a hundred different platforms, so you really need to consider if the press release is the right tool for the news you’re putting out.

Keeping tabs on the competition, is a doddle.
Use This Press Release Example Format When Needed.

“I was very impressed with the site and will be using it again when targeting reporters for stories for our clients. For example, if you type “IoT” in the search bar the results will yield journalists who cover the Internet of Things. It offers a collection of soothing sounds to get you in the right mood for writing. MORE, So we thought it was time for a look at some new tech tools and apps to help our industry find more effective ways to save time and increase productivity. SEO Optimized Press Release Examples. We noticed that you changed your country/region of residence; congratulations! We noticed that you changed your country/region of residence; congratulations!

Quick Search is a user friendly and powerful social search engine that will help you boost brand impact, find content ideas, detect influencers, learn about your audience, and spot trends. I know some of you are thinking, actually, Product Hunt is not a tool for getting press. Category: Flack Me Summary: With the prevalence of social media, brand journalism and digital marketing campaigns, more and more PR pros are cutting the cord on the typical office gig, Category: Flack Me Summary: Instagram doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to algorithm updates or adding new features like the Superzoom tool—and neither should you. Events Social Media Tech content marketing social media Social Tools SummitNeal Schaffer invited me to participate awhile back, and I jumped at the opportunity as I new that he and his team would put together a great event. It has 19 chapters, each by a different contributor, detailing tips and tools you can use for different areas of public relations practice and activity. If you need help with active versus passive, the Purdue Online Writing Lab can help. That’s why the brand’s med school calculator is such an incredible tool. Some key features of OutreachPlus include: OutreachPlus also offers a 2 week free trial so you can test before you buy. Business Social Media Marketing Social Media Monitoring best social media monitoring tools brand monitoring social listening social media monitoring social media monitoring toolsWhether you like it or not, your business is most likely talked about somewhere online. PR writing is as varied as marketing content: press releases, brochures, letters, blogging, website content and video-script writing. Excellent PR is central to the success of all aspiring businesses. For tags, variables are used to define dynamic values (Google uses the example of price or items). “I'm always looking for journalists and I thought this platform was an interesting way to find people who tweet about my investment business and my startups. It looks like you are changing your country/region of residence. Prezly is a PR tool that’ll connect you with influencers via email and social media. A good example would be Twitter, where you''re limited to 140 characters—though. The 4 Culprits of Sucky Press Release Writing. The communication and marketing platform allow you to send the right message out at the right time, to the right people. The post 14 of the Best Budget-Friendly Tools to Help You Master PR, Content and Social Media appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH.

For example, a reporter I had pitched as an initial test, who had expressed an interest, suddenly went dark. Today it offers an integrated suite of SaaS-style products including a media contact database, a media monitoring tool, media monitoring services, and press release distribution through a partnership with Accesswire.

What are some of your must have PR tools for coverage? Looking for another editing tool? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. According to : Recently, Instagram unveiled a reporting and support tool to help users at-risk for self-harm and suicide. You can monitor what they publish, as well as the engagement it receives. This PR tool helps you keep track of conversations and projects by saving email and tweets, with reminders to follow-up. Prezly will also track opens, clicks, and reply rates.

MORE, What’s your new favorite tool for remote work? There are thousands of templates, designed to be used on social media, posts, websites, and more. Whether you love it or hate it, “The Elements” can spark helpful habits as long you regard it as a set of recommendations of the right tool to use, rather than a book of Leviticus handed down from on high, to be obeyed lest one risk the wrath of Jehovah. The tweets feature tons of great advice, links to resources, running commentary on the day’s activities – and of course lots of social tools talk. Some of these tools are free, some have paid versions, yet all are useful and essential components of your content marketing toolkit. We mentioned Google Analytics before, but this is an imperative tool for any successful Website and brand. Hemingway offers an impartial pair of eyes to check your work. Are we going to see computers writing the next Great American Novel? To make it as easy as possible, I’ll tell you what to look for in a social listening tool. MORE, Every piece of content you write should have a powerful headline.
You can write the best 800-word blog post of your life, but if the headline is boring and bland, that post might never get read. MORE, Just start writing (or recording). Metrics include domain health - accessibility, crawlability, and metadata violations, URL rating, gained or lost referring domains and backlinks, and the number of keywords your domain is ranking for. You can also mix it up, and combine sounds like thunder in a coffee shop.

The post How to Maximize PR Outreach (with Expert Tips, Tools & Examples) appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Social Media Social Media Marketing Tools best social media analytics toolsEveryone will find something cool: marketers, social media managers or analysts. There’s a cool free demo, live online training, webinars, and 24/7 live support. MORE, Tech tools make me seem like a better writer than I am.

Marketwired will target social media and provide detailed analytics. While a startup may elect to limit its scope to core media outreach activities, most comprehensive programs will use all the best implements in the PR tool box to support thought leadership, analyst relations, research, and other tactics.

It’s an interactive editing tool that highlights grammatical errors, over use of passive voice, and complex sentences and common mistakes. All writers know the feeling of staring at a blank white screen as inspiration drains from their fingertips, but Hemingway feels like a safe place to start doing work.”Edward Love (@edlovewriter) | Writer, advertising copywriter & games journalist Bandwidth Blog.