In case you don’t know what a trading brokerage is, here’s a summary: it’s a company that makes trades for you on the stock market across a variety of option or stock types. Questrade's business moto is built around misconduct.I promise as someone who actively trades options to never waste your hard earned money or time with Questrade. People outside of Canada may also feel a bit sore about not having access to Questrade’s resources. was founded in 2017 by Gary Stevens. Questrade's YouTube channel is another useful source of educational content. You then have to physically mail the necessary documents to Questrade. A convenient way to save on the currency conversion fees is by opening a multi-currency bank account at a digital bank. For instance, the Advantage pricing model provides some discounts when investors spend more with commissions (usually around $100 or more). International clients can use only wire transfers. At the IPO Centre, Questrade's clients can subscribe to the firm's IPO Bulletin for information on the latest IPOs and secondary offerings. Traders looking for sophisticated research, FX and CFD traders looking for an easy trading platform, Choose an account type.

Depending on how/what you invest, it could be the cheapest broker.Customer support is awesome even though sometimes it can take time to get to someone. Questrade Trading is the web-based platform, offering basic charting, quotes, … I only ever used a cash account, I tried to transfer money from my US chequing account and it was returned because the $3.75 fee to transfer. We ranked Questrade's fee levels as low, average or high based on how they compare to those of all reviewed brokers. Maybe as a result of its simplicity, it offers limited customizability, especially compared to Questrade's highly customizable desktop trading platform. Extremely poor customer service and incompetent staff. Naturally, the quality of a trading brokerage like Questrade dictates whether it’s worth your time and money. Questrade does charge a deposit fee. One added touch that we really like is the 100% promise Questrade makes to reimburse any unauthorized transactions that take place through your account if it results in direct losses. The required Questrade minimum deposit is $1,000. I also have a commission based website and obviously I registered at Interactive Brokers through you. We calculated with 20:1 leverage for stock index CFDs and 5:1 leverage for single stock CFDs. They expect people with no knowledge to come use their platform so they can suck them dry. To have a clear understanding of CFD fees we calculated a CFD benchmark fee for the selected products. This is largely because Questrade has made a name for themselves due to their low fees and their great choice between trading platforms. In the US, the following options markets are available: BATS, NASDAQ, NYSE AM (AMEX), NYSE ARCA (ARCA). We get a are all available. Open up a US bank account and use any American platform , contrary to any Canadian platform such as Questrade you will get excellent phone service and best free platform and best phone response and no frea king music! They require: Filling out all this information takes just a few minutes, provided you get the material together beforehand. We encourage all our readers to share their reviews. Interestingly, day traders will benefit from the ability to skip an order confirmation window, allowing them to quickly secure trades without an additional step. BrokerChooser is free for everyone, but earns a commission from kept on trying to confirm whether I signed up with my margin or TFSA first. One positive thing is that you can invest in stock far above the amount in your account value (the account margin is relevant, not account value), so if you buy "safe" stock like Apple, Tesla, Amazon etc, you can earn much more (and faster) compared to some other trading platform.

My memory isn't perfect, so what's the point? Yes, it is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Questrade scores 84.8% on our review. Canadians can get in on trading and investing opportunities through Questrade, a discount brokerage that provides Canadian citizens with two trading platforms and zero annual account fees. It can be a significant proportion of your trading costs. That being said, we also want to hear your opinions. Both of these regulatory agencies ensure that trades going through Questrade are fair to both traders and brokers and provide smooth sailing for a wide variety of trading activities. Never a straight or correct answer from under-trained, albeit pleasant, staff. Questrade has some shortcomings as well. Questrade's stock CFD fee calculations are commission-based and have a set minimum as seen below: There is no account fee and withdrawal fees for electronic fund transfers are also free up to CAD 50,000 or $25,000. Below you will find the most relevant fees of Questrade for each asset class. Recommended for traders and investors focusing on the Canadian and US markets. To get things rolling, let's go over some lingo related to broker fees. When initiating the chat you are required to enter several pieces of information which seems a bit too much but this is a minor inconvenience. The search functions are OK. On the plus side, you can find the assets by typing the company name or the asset's ticker, but the search results are not always the most relevant. What you need to keep an eye on are trading fees, and non-trading fees. The search function is basic. However, Questrade also gives clients access to forex and CFDs, or contracts for difference. They cannot perform a simple task like closing the account without giving the customer the runaround. This last attempt the chat window removed the type window, so I timed out when I could do nothing to stop it. I promise its not you, its the platform so back to TD direct investing thinkorswim is way better.I will be taking Questrade to court, reporting them to the government and the media sources. I try to fund my account already for FOUR months!! If you're a true trader im warning you please do not trust this business.