The ending is abrupt, but simply sets up the next volume in the trilogy. Sea of Poppies | Amitav Ghosh | download | B–OK. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Self-made merchant Ben Burnham has purchased the Ibis, an old slaver, to ply the Chinese territories with narcotics from Calcutta, and he frequently moralises on his divine right to force opium on the Chinese. Another fancy word for glossary I suppose, it contains the literal and contextual translations of all the words that seem difficult or new fangled, even the ones you have mentioned in your article, like Chute. But this doesn't take away from the rollicking energy and heart of a very engaging novel. The Sea of Poppies is the first installment of the Ibis trilogy, penned by one of the foremost story-tellers of modern India, Amitav Ghosh.

More on the book soon. Further, he spells the local words not as an Indian reader would recognize them but to reflect the European accents with which they are spoken. Sea of Poppies (Book) : Ghosh, Amitav : At the heart of this epic saga, set just before the Opium Wars, is an old slave ship The Ibis . It was shortlisted for the 2008 Man Booker Prize. “Charter your chute” – which I’ll discreetly avoid explaining, except to say that it involves, um, cunning linguistics. 'active' : ''"> Landlubbers speak Hindi/Urdu (usually referred to in the book as Hindusthani), Bengali, or a related local language, and assimilated Englishmen use numerous Hindi loan-words in their Anglo-Indian English.I'm perfectly fascinated by the book, but I have a very large vocabulary of weird words. All Oshawa Public Libraries branches are now open. In the words of Rajnish Mishra, "the Ibis trilogy is Ghosh's most vehement indictment of the source of imperialism and colonialism". At the other end of the social hierarchy, Calcuttan aristocrat Neel Rattan's entire estate has fallen in hock to Burnham's aggressive profiteering, and – unthinkably worse – trumped-up charges of fraud have debased his reputation and caste. The characters come alive and I was pulled to this time in the mid 1800s set in India but connecting across continents to America, China, England. If these novels don't entirely jibe with American notions of high art, they have been welcomed by readers as a superior grade of pure fun. Meanwhile, Deeti intercedes on behalf of the woman, but is recognised by a relative, who tries to rape her and flog Kalua. Alan Cheuse is a book commentator for National Public Radio. They give us sagas and epics, about clans rather than isolated individuals. - I won't be in town then but y'all might want to attend. The Mediterranean sea-jargon called Sabir (or lingua franca) grades into a similar Indian Ocean sea jargon called Lascari - some of the characters speak one of these, some the other, and some speak a pidgin derived from both of them. William Dalrymple's review of the book in Outlook makes similar points apropos the colonial language... "cunning linguistics" :):).Nice review , thanks. It’s a fascinating tapestry of different themes that gives me a much richer picture of southeast Asian lives than the simple types I had before reading the book. A mixed-race novice sea hand from Baltimore, Zachary Reid, serves as one of the leads, along with an Indian peasant woman named Deeti and her giant of a paramour, Kalua, who rescues her from the funeral pyre of her first husband's body and decamps with her, first to Benares and then belowdecks of the Ibis, the ship of which Reid is the second mate. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? The extraordinary incidents of setting the sail on the jib masts, or the monsoon tidal bore that sweeps up the Hooghly River, stand out like the stories that Jack London told of life at sea. Ships that once carried slaves were refitted to carry opium, as well as indentured servants, to other parts of the Empire.
Orphaned Paulette Lambert, taken in by Burnham after her atheist father died, puts up with her guardian's civilising Christian charity as well as his less orthodox peccadilloes. Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 06:22 ET. Hidden Forms of Imprisonment in Sea of Poppies, View Wikipedia Entries for Sea of Poppies…. - “Hoga” and “chawbuck’d”, in the sentence “Just won’t ho-ga; that kind of thing could get a man chawbuck’d with a horsewhip!”.