Enjoy this drink by the fire or for a fancy cocktail party, or if you are just craving one of these amazing concoctions. The Blackthorn perfectly combines the gin and fortified wine Dubonnet, making a beautiful marriage of flavors.

This drink is heavily citrus based and is incredibly refreshing. One of the web's largest collections of Seagram's® gin long-drink recipes, with a list of the most popular drink recipes in this section. The original recipe calls for equal parts of each ingredient, but we found that to be too sweet and intense, so we cut the lemon juice down and doubled the gin. ... Cocktails. We're here to change that, and make it easy for anyone to craft a 5-star cocktail in the comfort of their own home. Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin has been continuously produced since 1939. Strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a black olive, and serve. How to Join Households Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Relationship), How to Prep Your Bedroom for a Big Date – A Complete Gentleman’s Guide. Give all ingredients 5 or 6 good shakes in a cocktail … 1 oz dry vermouth. Make sure you use fresh fruit juice to really bring out the depth in flavors, and enjoy crafting this masterpiece! Flex your mixology skills and try a cocktail made with #seagramsgin. for Chilling. It works extremely well with London Dry gin and fresh lime juice. The Caprice requires a traditional, juniper-heavy London Dry gin, dry vermouth, and a citrus heavy orange bitters, producing 2.5 ounces of pure magic. Good vibes coming your way. If you aren't fond of, or are sick of dry vermouth, this could quickly become your new favorite drink with gin. Click here for the recipe and step-by-step instructions on crafting the perfect Gin Cosmopolitan! With only a quarter ounce of Aperol, this cocktail takes an ingredient that's already soft and gentle and spreads it out. Without further ado, here is our list of the 27 best drinks with gin you'll ever make! Stir the gin and vermouth together in a mixing glass half-filled with cracked ice. The Corpse Reviver No. Click here to see the recipe and step-by-step instructions on crafting the perfect Gin Martini! The French 75 is one of the most classic cocktails ever made with sparkling wine, similar to that of the Seelbach and Champagne Cocktail. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Whip out the glasses and start pouring some delicious cocktails for you and your friends, and show off some new found cocktail knowledge! We hope you enjoyed these recipes and drink variations with a unique Primer spin. Bracingly bitter, pink gin combines the intense herbal notes of gin with the spicy notes of Angostura Bitters — amazing. Originating as a Tiki Drink, Haigh also mentions that the drink can be mixed up without soda, making a delicious cocktail dubbed the Strait Jacket. Well, now that you've got our master list of 27 of the best drinks with gin that you'll ever make and taste, what are you waiting for? Gatorade, Lime, Mountain Dew, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin. Seagram’s Gin… Combining all of these in a pint glass over ice and stirring thoroughly will craft your perfect Caprice! The Clover Club is one of our favorite drinks with gin, and is a true pre-prohibition classic! This citrus kick works wonders in bringing out the light notes of sweetness in the vermouth.

Singapore Sling tops the list of most flavorful drinks with gin, going down like water and packing a nice punch. 100% neutral spirits.

Essentially, the French 75 is a gin fizz made with champagne instead of club soda — yum. Click here for the recipe and step-by-step instructions! The Gin Martini is a great cocktail that survived Prohibition and the evolution of Vodka based drinks. Redemp-gin. Henry Joose Bombay Sapphire Gin, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin, 7-Up, Cranapple Juice, Grape Juice Spirit Score: 42% 0 votes total Pineapples 'n' Cream Seagram's Extra Dry Gin , Pineapple Juice, Gatorade Fruit Punch Energy Drink The Gin Martini is a great …

We enjoy a good sweet drink every now and then, but the mix will unfortunately remind drinkers of fruit juices. Why? The cocktail is simple to make and very easy to adjust based on differing tastes and ingredient availability. Click here for the recipe and step-by-step instructions on crafting the perfect Bijou! See more ideas about Classic martini, Gin cocktails, Dry gin.

This also combines perfectly with gin. The original recipe for the H&H lacks bitters, so we've added them here to mix things up. The Gimlet is a drink that often times is mixed with Vodka instead of Gin, but, Gin adds a much better, defined note to the drink that Vodka lacks. This crafts a much more spirit-based drink, with beautiful notes of citrus, sweet and floral. While the ingredients list is longer than most of the cocktails we list here, this is the exception solely because it is 100% worth spending the extra time to make it.
The Singapore Sling is made up of a base liquor and three accent liqueurs, plus two different fruit juices, grenadine and bitters. Click here to see the recipe and step-by-step instructions on crafting the perfect Gimlet! 27 of the Best Drinks With Gin You'll Ever Make, What to Do When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents, Hard Work in 5 Easy Steps: Understanding Perseverance in the Modern Age, The Americano: Your New Go-to Coffee Order, 28 More Free Inspirational iPhone & iPad Wallpapers, Free Art Download: 8 Vintage Patent Designs, The Art of Proposing: A Gentleman’s Guide to Planning the Logistics for Asking the Biggest Question of His Life, The Ultimate Bag of Dirty Tricks for Salary Negotiation, 12 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word Free Download. The award-winning recipe is versatile enough for your favorite mixers yet complex enough for the gin connoisseur. It's less spicy than Amaretto and doesn't have any alcohol. Whether you're shaking a classic martini or looking for creative twists on traditional cocktail favorites, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin is the perfect liquor choice for any occasion! Win win. Lime Twisted Gin One of the first flavor-infused Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin formulas, Seagram’s Lime Twisted Gin has a tangy yet mellow taste. It's an incredible concoction that's got the look and feel of a classic milkshake. Pineapples 'n' Cream recipe. A gin martini is the only martini when Seagram's Extra Dry Gin is served. Minimize the guesswork and choose Apple Twisted Gin. Because it's an amazing cocktail that will stand the test of time and creativity. Using gin in the cosmopolitan delivers a great depth to the drink that a citrus flavored Vodka can't. We recommend going lightly on the lemon juice to make it more elegant and classy. From fruity concoctions to instant classics and perfectly dry cocktails, this list will have you covered no matter your tastes.

Twist-N-Ginny-G(Cocktail) Ginger Ale, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin. This cocktail features orgeat, which is made from rose or orange water, almonds and sugar. Get your hands on some gin, cranberry juice, curacao, aperol, fresh lime juice and citrus bitters to concoct this masterpiece that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

The Carver was named by none other than our very own Primer writer Chris, who named it after the town in Massachusetts that he used to visit as a kid with his parents. Thanks Murray! . This drink is strong, yet diverse and delicious. Impressive stuff. While you may not have heard of two of these ingredients, they are worth seeking out at your local store, especially for crafting this cocktail. The H&H is an interesting, easily drinkable twist on the modern Martini that combines more flavors to the mix including curacao and Lillet Blanc. The Alligator is a unique drink with gin, incorporating almond flavor that really shakes it up. It would be tough to find a crowd of people who disliked the drink, especially on hot summer days or a warm spring night.
2 is a modified version of the Corpse Reiviver from Julie Reiner's Flatiron Loungue in Manhattan. The Last Word is a lesser-known cocktail that was nearly lost to history, but is a truthfully great classic. for Hosting. Incorporating orange marmalade might seem crazy, but it provides an unbelievable depth and brings this drink full circle. Instead, we dropped that to a quarter ounce of the first two, and a bar-spoon of the latter, keeping the gin portion steady.

With just 4 ingredients, you can make this drink in a minute and enjoy it thoroughly. This easy to craft fan favorite is sure to please anyone you serve it to. Like most sours, this drink with gin is best prepared with fresh-squeezed citrus juice, shaken thoroughly, and consumed quickly after to take in the aroma.