I absolutely love Snickers so when I saw this product, I had to give it a go! Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. They've been a favorite in my home for decades. I would admit, I am a chocolate monster. The Snickers Ice Cream Bar is most certainly an improvement over the regular Snickers candy bar. It was a sad day…until I went back through her candy again later that night and stole her Reese’s. I wish they were double the size! Definitely a step up from a regular Snickers bar. Cold, refreshing, just the right amount of chocolate and sweetness. I always feel like I’m treating myself when indulging in one of these.

That’s probably true. For those not that wild about candy, the frozen dessert may be the better choice. Sometimes you just need a small bite of somethi…
Wish they were a bit bigger but my waistline is probably thankful they aren't. Now when I first glanced at it, I figured the bars would be the size of a mini-Snickers bar. Snickers ice cream bars are sold individually and also in a. box, with 6 and 12 bars inside. I must stay that I feel that way whenever I buy something and it is not of a good quality. I think these are fab little snack bars from Tesco’s own range. As a Brit, I defiantly continued to refer to them as ‘Marathons’ for ages after the name was changed in 1990 as they were so ... Breyers Snickers Caramel Swirl Chunk is a decent ice cream that combines the chocolaty, crunchy traits of a Snickers bar with smooth vanilla ice cream and caramel swirls. All in all, I liked them, but I don’t think I would buy them again–there are better ice cream bars on the market, and if I’m craving Snickers, I’d rather just have the candy bar. I really hate that disappointment when you buy an ice-cream and you get something cheap and tasteless. re : The peanut naturally have a more subdued flavor than the other flavors found in this Snickers Ice Cream Bar, but they were nonetheless a welcomed part that I enjoyedI have to be convinced that after eating this even in the hot Florida sun it pops up a cooling umbrella that shields the tropical rays. Well, what you are saying can be true sometimes but there are cases when ice cream taste way worst then the fruit itself, like watermelons, I adore them, but I really do not like watermelon ice cream. The Snickers ice-cream bars are delicious and addictive. I was right, my husband did enjoy them. Review: SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars We all know that SNICKERS is a classic and one of the best selling candy bars out there. Again, with both milk chocolate and peanuts in the equation, that equals good stuff. Copyright © 2017. If you’re on a budget like me, though, look for sales and take advantage. If you don’t buy these Snickers Ice Cream Bars, you can’t go overboard with them. Great if you want an ice cream and chocolate treat in one. They've been a favorite in my home for decades. It reminded me of my boyfriend, dark and delicious. He hates peanuts, so he wouldn't touch regular snickers bars. Pumpkin ice cream? I have tried several of their own brand confectionary that are direct rip-offs of well-known brands of chocolate bars, like Mars bar for instance. The classic Snickers slogan “Hungry? Basically the same as a Snickers but better. The multiple flavors are each distinguishable and each one isn’t excessive overshadowing one another. Snickers Ice Cream Bar is a perfect combination of soft, creamy ice cream, milk chocolate, some caramel, and just enough peanuts. They have a nice crunch provided by the chocolate and nuts.

If you love dark chocolate, I know you’ll love this ice cream bar! But, that’s what life is about - making new discoveries. I have never tasted it. When comparing this dark chocolate flavor to the original Snickers ice cream bars, I do have one thing to pick at. The good old Snickers bar. Perfect for those times when you’re craving a Snickers bar, but also maybe a scoop of ice cream, these bars are comprised of caramel / nougat-y flavored ice cream, and are laden with a generous serving of crunchy peanuts and gooey drizzles of caramel.

I recommend giving them a try for sure. Delicious chocolate-ty goodness! The ice cream bars aren’t too big or small and are a decent size. I am a big fan on scocolate and peanuts and although my family things that salty peanuts don't go with sweet chocolate I don't agree with them so when I don't haveSnickers at home if I have peanuts and Nutella I just mix ... Tesco 4 Nutty Nougat Caramel Milk Chocolate Bars. When I first saw Snickers bars with almonds, I thought, "that's the thing for my husband."

A bit pricey so I normally wait for them to go on special, They are expensive to buy buttttttt so yummy !

re : The peanut naturally have a more subdued flavor than the other flavors found in this Snickers Ice Cream Bar, but they were nonetheless a welcomed part that I enjoyedMy experience consuming this treat was by far one of the best dessert experiences of my life. As to myself, I prefer regular ... Snickers Candy Bars are just awesome. I was “O my God this is so delicious”. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, peanuts, caramel...all dipped in a dark chocolate shell. The vanilla ice cream is plentiful and rich. Hi, I do love chocolates and one of them is this very irresistible Snickers bars.

It’s up to you, the consumer, to reward those businesses and companies that make quality products by paying for those products while avoiding businesses and companies that only offer poor or shallow imitations of the real thing. Ice cream makes a lot of food taste better. The wife of one of my friend swears by taking a classic SNICKERS candy bar, throwing it in the freezer and then eating it that way. Everytime I see a new brand of dark chocolate, I immediately buy 1 bar to try it. I`ve tried the snickers half-gallon ice cream but its not the same at all and a snickers bar, to me, is just another chocolate bar. Even if my husband would joke it is not good for my figures, I would just laugh it off and would not mind. They’re perfect for a hot day, or a midnight snack. Obviously I liek salty and sweet taste together. Powered by WordPress. I am big fan of Snickers. I myself am not that wild about pumpkin, for example, but pumpkin ice cream? Tasty chocolate is what holds the contents of the Snickers Ice Cream Bar all together. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars 6-Count Box at Amazon.com. It feels like I'm cheating somehow since ice cream … That info is really great, but here where I live Snickers ice-cream is almost double the price of the Snickers bar. I think that this is a very tasty and good candy bar. Highly recommend for any snickers lover. Well, I mainly meant that it provides chilling relief during the hot dog days of summer, but yeah, I suppose it could hit the spot when those pesky hunger cravings kick in, too. Sure, there are peanuts and caramel, but, in my opinion, there’s just too much ice cream, and it’s not flavorful enough. Big pieces of peanuts are immediately picked up on the moment you bite in because the ice cream is incredibly soft and the crunch of the peanut sticks out. It’s normally found around October through December. Contains one 12-count box of SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars; Made with peanut butter ice cream, peanuts, caramel and covered in a chocolate shell