Our linens will make you want to go to bed early and often. The not-so-good: Despite feeling like buttah, the higher thread count meant I woke up a bit sweaty (remember the crazy radiators?). “Every single linen we … Washing with a gentle detergent should suffice, but take care to wash on a warm-water setting, as opposed to the hottest temperature, to avoid shrinking and expedited deterioration. It'll grip to a mattress cover or pillowcase much better than cotton or other materials, to prevent slipping off in the night. The not-so-good: If you need your bed to look perfect at all times, these sheets probably aren’t for you. They’re extremely soft with a light sheen; smooth and silky, but not so much you were sliding around in them or felt like a guy who calls his apartment a “Bachelor Pad.” Plus, the “smoke” color just looks like an instant bedroom upgrade—bold enough to be interesting, but without having to worry if it’ll match any of your other linens. If you prefer bedding that is soft, cozy, and supple, skip the percale and opt for the sateen. That said, some of our favorite bedding manufacturers are exactly what you’d expect—seasoned companies that sold sheets to your parents and their parents. Getting a complete sheet set is pricey—though the company offers the sheets without a top sheet for you monsters who don’t use them—but about on par with other 100% linen sheet sets. You probably have since you’re reading reviews, trying to sift through what’s worth the cost and what’s over-priced garbage. Plus, as you’d expect from the Bean, they come in the flannel-iest patterns known to man, which in itself provides a lot of coziness. The Brooklinen linen (try saying that ten times) sheet set is another decent linen sheet set, with a nice breathable weave and relatively soft texture. everything from Brooklinen is 20 percent off at checkout, Behold: The Fancy Sheets Everyone's Talking About, These Soft Sheets Will Help You Sleep Like a BB, Beauty Review: Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask, I Refuse to Leave My House without These Sunnies. These airy sheets are definitely a luxe upgrade from the norm. Our newest product launch refines – and redefines – one of the oldest textiles on earth.

They come in eight different colors, all of which would passably match with each other. Given their name, you might not be shocked to learn that these are linen sheets. So, how do their sheets stack up to the competition? Out of the percale sheets we’ve tested, Snowe’s luxury sheets struck the best balance of lightness, sturdiness, and softness. I feel inspired to rid my wardrobe of all synthetic fabrics and live a life floating around in linen dresses in a palette of gentle neutrals. I read the privacy statement and accept all cookies.