It’s funny though because it’s a workout that’s been around since the mid-1980s, Spinning®, a.k.a. Repeat twice for a total of 5 mins. I started to lose weight! The iconic 70s rock playlist will push you in these drills that are all about building power on flat roads and hill climbs. I found Studio SWEAT on Demand, on YouTube, and purchased some classes for download. These Trainer Talks are live-streamed to our Facebook Page (, and we make it available here if you missed it. © 2020 Studio SWEAT onDemand. Posted in: Billing and Purchases Bienvenidos a Cardio Dance en español. SSoD helped me to enjoy working out again and changed my focus on food completely. A few weeks later SSoD offered the 30 day clean and that helped me to change my focus on food. The company also offers a selection of their videos for a one-time purchase. See below for warm-up options*, Warm-Up Option #1 | Spin®, Spinning®, and the Spinning logo ® are registered trademarks that are owned or used under exclusive license by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. *Your membership will automatically renew upon expiration for the same term you selected at the same price until you cancel. Power up and let’s ride! Nutrition advice. It was non-cancerous but left me with the inability to work. I had purchased a spin bike in 2014 but really didn't have the time or motivation to use it. SSoD’s quality, the encouragement of the team, as well as the KOMrade camaraderie makes this the best fitness experience. No obligation — cancel easily online anytime to avoid future charges by visiting your account through our website. 4. Squats Classes can be downloaded from the Studio SWEAT onDemand website for $7.88 per class. 20 arm circles- 10 large / 10 small BODY-SCULPTING WORKOUTS. I've been pushing myself with different trainers, different workouts and different tools like dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX and body weight only. ¡Permite que la música te motive y que empiece la fiesta! Jog in Place Please note when purchasing a class download through one of our apps, the price maybe slightly different then through the website. There are several different ways to SWEAT. © 2020 Studio SWEAT onDemand. Get customized weekly workout plans, nutrition advice, and weekly messages from our founder, Cat Kom. We just got a brand spankin' new shipment of Precor Ride Spinner Chains in stock and they're $100 OFF while inventory lasts, so jump on it! 1. Set a timer for 30 seconds for 10 rounds I looked at myself and I realized I had to change my lifestyle. Get access to all of our TRX®, full body, and Spinning® classes today! You can stream our full library of indoor cycling videos and full body workouts on these devices: SSoD was the answer to my prayers! SSoD is my gym in San Diego, while I live in Chicago I feel connected as if I am right next to them sweating… go here and they will change your life for the better! The answer was always easy; SSoD! Try before you buy with our free 7 day trial! Butt kickers I will never be able to say thank you enough for the health and confidence that you have provided me and my family! It really helped me to change my life! I got pretty bummed and gained some weight. TRX® is a registered trademarks of Fitness Anywhere LLC. No need for the bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes for this 70s Vibe Spin workout – just a bike, a towel, some hard rock, and a lot of hard work from the first guitar riff to the last. To enhance your Spinning® classes, Studio SWEAT onDemand offers hundreds of other full-length workouts (50 min+) to give you total-body fitness. Studio SWEAT onDemand® Custom App - access any of our classes from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device! All rights reserved. After two surgeries on my knee, I was told the only workout I should be doing was a bike. Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:, Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:, How to do a Tricep Kickback with good form. Since starting SSoD back in 2013, I have noticed huge improvements with my health and body that all my previous fitness trainings didn't give me! My weight was 231 lbs. Website Design. TRX® is a registered trademarks of Fitness Anywhere LLC. *This class does not include a complete warm up, so don’t forget to warm up before you take this class! – Lorna from Canada. I still have a ways to go but SSoD is my motivation! Join our mailing list! SSoD’s quality, the encouragement of the team, as well as the KOMrade camaraderie makes this the best fitness experience. Website Design. 2. What I’ve been able to achieve with SSOD is priceless. Then lost 10 after that, but wanted even more so I finally signed up for an All Access Pass! Check out SSoD Trainer Talk #11 with Carolyn! Me too! Studio SWEAT onDemand is the ultimate virtual fitness platform for your business. The workout begins on your back, closest to your machine, and as the routine progresses we move to seated, kneeling, and standing exercises to increase the intensity. Unlike other programs with SSoD you can use ANY indoor cycling bike for our Spinning® classes! All Access Pass holders can download classes for a special discounted rate of $5.88 per class. Stay motivated. GET IT. Over the last 13 years, my eating became more unhealthy and I stopped sports completely. – Harald. Let the music motivate you and let’s get this party started! Get nutrition tips to help you meet your fitness goals. Add our Backstage Pass for only $5/Month!