Originally part of the renowned Rippon Lea Estate, the façade is telling of the era but the rear has seen better days. Source: Channel 9 / The Block. The renovation kicks off in April and we can’t wait.

One moment, the two were clinking glasses, celebrating becoming runners-up – and the first lesbian couple – on the hit Channel Nine renovation show, and getting ready for a US holiday.

Read more . Thirteen years after gay couple Gavin Atkins and Warren Sonin appeared on The Block, Channel Nine’s smash hit renovation show is set to make history again. But on Christmas Day, Sasha again found herself in such pain, Julia had to race her to hospital.

The Block's Sasha and Julia have spent the last 12 months renovating a circa-1910 cottage in Elsternwick, Victoria known as Little Willow. Read more . Julia has been the first to admit the show is seriously wearing her down. I am going to stalk the absolute hell out of it! The thing I found most challenging was being critiqued in a different light to the others, given my work as a stylist. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. “We don’t take it lightly. That it’s easy and contestants do nothing. It was an epic juggling act. I’m not sure if you saw the post, but you can check it out here if you’re keen: https://www.tlcinteriors.com/news-media/what-i-discovered-on-my-tour-of-the-block-apartments/ – Thanks for commenting .

"We would just encourage …

They were my fave too Shirley.

Yet as soon as approval on their application came through, the couple - who have been together for four years - saw it as a perfect opportunity to shine a light on the normality of their relationship. Source: Channel 9 / The Block. It's the renovation show that is known for pushing its contestant to the limit - and The Block may have just claimed its latest victims. Every Monday when I wrote my usual Block recap and critique (which there will be more of this year), I was blown away by their consistent design aesthetic. We’ll be giving her the full treatment including a dramatic extension.

Please re-activate the block plugin or child theme if you wish to use this block again. Even the morphine didn’t seem to work,’ recalls Sasha, who has had to return to hospital several times since then.
Never did we imagine we’d be rewarded so handsomely, particularly after receiving our reserves.

Spell it out for them – this is not the time for guessing games. For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – Out now. The new season of The Block is about to start, and it got us thinking about all the couples we've seen come through the show as Blockheads. I made no secret of that, and often found myself defending them each week when the judges got tough. People will surprise you, even those that may be against it. Love your work. The casting director wants to see your individual personalities but also how you interact with one another. Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. Our style is always evolving but generally speaking, we covet classic meets contemporary with a luxe, feminine vibe. It feels like such a treat to have a decent amount of time to conjure spaces. The requested block type of 'slidedeck' does not exist. Contact Us Copyright © The Block 2017 TheBlock.tv is an unofficial blog site by fans of The Block We have no affiliation with The Block Glasshouse, theblock.com.au , Nine Now 9 Now Channel 9 or their sponsors. ‘It wasn’t the most wonderful time. Julia & Sasha are the first ever female same-sex couple to compete on any season of The Block. Of course, some weeks are better than others and we only bombed a few times.

The whole shebang will be documented on our site Abbey Collective and via an exciting video series. “Upon presenting our final room however, [the judges] walked through the entire apartment and acknowledged its sheer consistency. ‘They later removed an ovary too, and now I’ve been told my uterus will need to
be removed,’ says Sasha.

The Block is big on diversity so it’s important to highlight what makes you and your partner different.

Upon presenting our final room however, they walked through the entire apartment and acknowledged its sheer consistency. We have put together this blog so we can all express our thoughts of the show and enjoy the antics and frustrations together. It's only week three on The Block2016 and already one couple appear to be getting ahead of the pack. The Block auctions (or Block-tions) for the apartments were held on Saturday, 12 November 2016. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sep 06, 2015 2:00pm. ... Julie and Sasha are still together. Read on to find out what you need to consider to maximise the potential of your outdoor area in 2020.

It was really tough.

It’s an absolute juggernaut and a thousand times more challenging than we anticipated. It struck the perfect chord between our signature style and that of the Art Deco building. Amid property stylist Julia admitting she was ready to quit the show for good in last night's episode, the latest rumour is that she has split from her partner Sasha. By the time room reveal rolls around, you haven’t slept in close to 48 hours, are covered in paint, and absolutely exhausted. Of course, the prize we walked away with is staggering. A year after winning The Block, Queenslanders Tess and Luke are happily settled back into their normal life. The day is spent in master interviews ahead of judging at 8pm.

We learned a huge amount about ourselves and one another. The Block week runs from Monday – Sunday. The former contestants share the heartbreaking battle they’ve been fighting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.
Seriously, these two stunning ladies were my fav contestants on The Block – maybe ever.

Julia and Sasha have a fab new website launching soon, that you can click here to check out.

Sasha and Julia during filming of The Block. We both went back to work but attended events at The Block most nights. Julia & Sasha thought The Block might reject their application because they are a lesbian couple. I’m such a perfectionist and I cared so deeply about my work on The Block. Then it’s straight back to The Block to check out the other contestants’ rooms before starting all over again at 6am the next day. The Block Kitchen Reveals – The Block 2016. Sasha and Julia during filming of The Block. We understand that we probably will be held up as role models, and we’re really proud to do that.

The Block was ‘10,000 times harder’ than Sasha and Julia had imagined. ‘She’s normally such a stoic person, never complains about pain, but she was moaning in agony, so I bundled her into the car and off we went,’ Julia recalls.

Originally, Julia recently admitted, the pair thought their relationship status may be a hindrance to their application, unsure if a major network would be willing to promote a lesbian couple. Julia was at my side
from dawn to dusk in the hospital each day, but I wasn’t good company. She was fuming and knew she couldn’t hide it, so walked into the room and basically announced it. My biggest problem was struggling to get out of my own head. They’re also superstars on Instagram, and you can click here to follow them. We came home the day after the auction, plonked ourselves on the sofa, and didn’t move for a solid week. Well done girls. Pretty sure he put a big tick next to our name after that. "Hopefully those people will get to know us, and come around and see that we're just like any other couple and not be so critical of something that's different," Julia said. It was such a welcome change and new aesthetic, and I think everyone was able to see it and understand how to replicate the look in their own home. We all started laughing and the interview got off to a cracking start. Speaking to TheFIX, Julia Treuel said she and partner Sasha Wright-Neville were “so incredibly proud” and felt “really privileged to be the first lesbian couple” on the show. Surgery was planned for February this year, soon after the big holiday.

The Block premieres at 7pm on Sunday 21 August. Drop a comment below and share your fave room. Their style was SO good.

I certainly felt the pressure to perform and my anxiety peaked at different intervals. We're just really happy we've been given the opportunity – going to air [for] 12 weeks of television, of us.". Julia and Sasha were hands-down my favourite couple on The Block 2016. Of course, being judged by the public is no cake walk either. The Block 2016 is the fourth season to have five couples instead of the traditional four couples. Spaces didn’t fight for attention but worked together seamlessly”. The judges have trouble deciding who will take home the $10,000. DESPITE finishing their own $400,000 home renovation, Sasha Wright-Neville and Julia Treuel were concerned their sexuality might stop them from competing on The Block.

Pink, Navy blue velvet chairs and classic materials like marble and rose gold or brass. Those navy dining chairs from Globewest are still giving me heart palpitations!

Read the Full Story, Julia & Sasha are a Melbourne couple  – They have the home ground advantage Victorian couple Julia Treuel and Sasha Wright-Neville share why they think they’re in with a good chance to win this year’s season of The Block.… Continue Reading, Meet the teams renovating this amazing heritage-listed Port Melbourne former soap factory… Continue Reading. As fans of TV series The Block well know, renovation queens Sasha Wright-Neville and Julia Treuel are used to rising to challenges – but lately the couple have had to fight to stay upbeat after Sasha received some crushing health news. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: Julia revealed to me that her and Sasha’s latest reno project is just around the corner from The Block 2017’s Elsternwick set. DESPITE finishing their own $400,000 home renovation, Sasha Wright-Neville and Julia Treuel were concerned their sexuality might stop them from competing on The Block. Sasha and I had an argument about where to park on our way to meet the casting director.

Going into The Block, we knew we wanted to create an apartment that flowed beautifully from front to back. That was interesting to say the least. Interior Styling Property Development Current Project - Little Willow The Block 2016 She went beyond what was reasonably anticipated and for that, I couldn’t be more proud.

Julia & Sasha ; Blog; Insider Style Blog Go to blog. At the end of the day, we love every space we created and that’s all that counts. The pair do carry some experience though, having renovated their Melbourne home together in recent years. Contestants. Julia and Sasha’s next reno project – just around the corner from the new Block 2017! I took some time this week to chat to one half of the dynamic Block duo, Julia Treuel, to ask anything and everything that came to mind about last year’s experience on the reno reality show. Read our ultimate guide to every season! Julia & Sasha thought The Block might reject their application because they are a lesbian couple.