On May 3rd, 2011, a sneak preview of the episode "The DVD" was shown after the premiere of The Looney Tunes Show. "The Test" is the eighth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. U.S. air date:

The characters take notice of this, breaking the, The way Chi Chi and his family fall off the expressway bears a resemblance to, The demon eyes the Wattersons have while laughing are similar to the ones Gumball has in ", The copycat Watterson family is based on the main characters of, The absence of a bootlegged version of Anais is also referenced, as she was excluded from. Although Gumball is enjoying his newfound popularity, he finds it very difficult to contain his snarky comebacks.

The cuteness is so strong it causes Gumball to pass out and spew rainbows. Gumball and Darwin spend the day following Ocho around. Rachel throws a party and after blackmail from her brother, lets him and his friends attend on one condition: each of them must bring a date. When Gumball and Chi Chi both eat exotic food, Gumball's ears are missing as he chews. TV: February 20, 2017VOD: December 1, 2016 Suddenly, the screen resolution and the audio take a drop in quality, and both Darwin and Sarah note this change. Gumball doing a nature mockumentary and narrating in a British accent, is a reference to nature documentaries on BBC.

The first five were ", Gumball can be seen playing "Butt Puppets" again. The first one attacks Darwin, the second one shatters as soon as Darwin steps on it, and the third one is too expensive to purchase. Gumball teaches Darwin everything he knows about the world of skateboarding.

Gumball questions Darwin's choice to wear safety gear and Darwin explains that he does not want to get injured. The Dollarama store that Gumball and Darwin go to in order to find a cheaper skateboard is actually a dollar store retail in Canada of the same name, it is known for selling items for four dollars or less. He is serious, don't you trust him? Next, Ocho uses the cheat code to cheat on a test in Miss Simian's class. This difference may be the reason why Gumball's code causes him to glitch, since videogame codes are always performed from the point of view of the person in front of the TV screen. At first, their parents try to downplay it by telling them everyone has some sort of doppelgänger, but then they notice the copycat family of Watterson doppelgängers, including the two from before, riding in a nearly identical car in the road parallel to them. The "Baby Anais" commercial and product are based on Baby Alive commercials and products.

Shortly after, Gumball lets all his "venom" out; the venom has now manifested into literal venom, and because of this, Tobias' face is burned off. Carrie then jump-scares the audience and happily laughs about it. Season: "The Catfish". This is possibly due to it having been produced by a different production team at a different time. Next Yani Ouabdesselam

5 This was the first episode to premiere in 2017. Written by: Darwin quickly points out the flaws of his analogy, so Gumball has no choice but to be dragged home by Darwin and Sarah.

Realizing their impending doom, the Wattersons flail their arms and scream as they desperately try unsuccessful plans to escape. Written by:

He attempts to prove this point by mashing random buttons on the keyboard with his butt. Gworp the robot alien is very likely a reference to, When Gumball tries to be nice to be more well liked and doing so has detrimental effects on his body is similar to what happens when Roger Smith acts nice in the. Gumball is finally sent over the edge, however, once he sees Tobias trying to make moves on Penny, and he is ready to let Tobias have it. 1 A New Exotic Food Section! Production code: Gumball believes he has figured out the code and uses it on the basketball court, but the attempt fails as Gumball literally glitches out while trying to summon a tank, pleading Darwin to "call an ambulance.". Tobias then awkwardly calls his mom to pick him up because of the embarrassment, then walks away in shame. Tobias takes notice of Gumball's internal struggle and makes a lame joke about it. The first three being ", This is Tobias' sixth major role. France: May 8, 2017Germany: May 10, 2017Poland: May 12, 2017Turkey: June 19, 2017 Written by:

Gumball and Darwin are confused when they meet Chi Chi and Ribbit, a pair of siblings that copy everything they do and say. The copycat family's website is named "The Wonderful World of Chi Chi," but the image on the website says "The Incredible World of Chi Chi.". International premieres:

", Darwin refuses to hurt himself for the sake of entertainment, so Gumball just asks him to act cute. http://tvlistings.zap2it.com/tv/the-amazing-world-of-gumball-the-test/EP014122931138?aid=zap2it, https://theamazingworldofgumball.fandom.com/wiki/The_Test?oldid=570928. Alan is not only appalled by his plans, but he is also confused on how that is even possible. Next

Storyboarded by: Once again, he gets the "loser" label. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

As expected, Gumball has a catalog of "venom" (his sarcastic quips) that he is ready to spew toward Tobias; however, Gumball remembers his promise to himself, so against his instincts, he forces himself to compliment Tobias' hairstyle. Fed up with their unlawful copying, the Wattersons burst out of their house to confront their doppelgängers. He demonstrates by trying a pick up line on Masami, asking her for a quarter because "[he] told [his] mom he would call her when [he] fell in love." And this is what they do with it! Horrified, Darwin and Sarah come to the conclusion that all these things are happening because Tobias' dream sitcom is gaining more and more power over the universe; the two quickly realize that they need to get Gumball to accept the role of the "loser" again before things can get any worse. The next day Gumball takes his own advice too literally, and ends up making a fool of himself. As usual, Masami rejects Tobias' attempts to pursue her; shortly after, however, Tobias tries to make another move, this time on Clare, and to his surprise, Clare actually agrees to go out with him.

Songs Gumball's left arm is missing when he holds the baseball bat, but it appears as he prepares to swing. Tobias is excited for his new date, but Masami returns, apologizing for her initial rudeness as well as accepting Tobias' invitation for a date. Gumball makes up some more tricks about skateboarding, prompting Darwin to move onto skating by himself. Moobus Gelatinous vs. Kickbuttus Hystericus. Unfortunately, Darwin ends up skating too fast causing Gumball to admit that he lied about being a professional skater and that he has never actually skated before.

Meanwhile, Darwin and Sarah notice Tobias is stealing Gumball's life and role in the series in the form of a cheesy sitcom. Masami takes this literally and hands him her cell phone. A tool to transform the world and unite every being. In the library, Sarah and Darwin find Gumball, who has suffered serious physical damage from resisting his sarcastic urges. While trying to eject the tape, Gumball accidentally deletes the entire thing, and the episode ends. "The Ollie" is the nineteenth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. Premiere dates Tobias has successfully managed to take Gumball's place and integrate into the family.

Eventually, his brother stops him before his actions get out of hand; still determined to reach a higher status in his popularity, Gumball decides to try the more reasonable (but still fairly absurd) approach of bottling up his natural urges.

The bootlegged version of Anais apparently had an online profile picture; only for it to be deleted with the caption 'women no right to celebrate in the republic of people'. An irritated Gumball questions what the point of skating is if he cannot show it to other people and accidentally hits himself in the face with his skateboard, ending the episode. Central and Eastern Europe: April 27, 2017France: May 3, 2017Germany/Poland: May 5, 2017Turkey: May 15, 2017Japan: August 13, 2017 When Gumball thinks he can do better, Darwin breaks out a "cute combo attack." Darwin tells Gumball that this will require him to stop spouting his sarcastic quips. In Ninja George II, the final segment, Ninja George (played by Gumball) is convinced by the Colonel (played by Darwin) to defeat evil, even though Ninja George promised he would never raise his fists again, but when he is told that his sister, Ninja Georgina, is in trouble, he must come out of retirement one last time.

U.K. air date: 164 "The Copycats"[1] is the twelfth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. "The Potato". Gumball and Darwin come across Ollie Vendor, who tries to sell them some skateboards. Gumball and Sarah are suddenly transported to the park, and despite seeing all the damage that Tobias has done, Gumball still insists that he stays "popular." 5:52. Tobias begins to spark conversation with Alan, but the topic of discussion is nothing more than a callback to the events of "The Move." Unsurprisingly, Alan does not recall any of these events because he was not there; Tobias proceeds to tell Alan about how he has night booked for not one, but two girls. It is the 175th episode overall.

Unfortunately, he is unable to make any sort of point as Gumball sabotages everything with the return of "The Anaihilator.". 5 U.K. air date: Visunohoce.

Zac did so and translated the page. GB517 Sarah notices continuity mistakes, such Tobias' haircut changing between scenes, and plotlines suddenly being dropped.

The next is for "Baby Anais," the living baby doll. The Amazing World of Gumball - The Copycats Storyboards. GB238 Rachel is throwing a party for her friends, and Tobias blackmails her into allowing all of his friends to come as well, though she tells them they each have to … This episode was released on Cartoon Network VOD services in December 2016 before airing on TV. GB516

In the first segment, at the Watterson household, the "Moobus Gelatinous" (Richard) is in his natural habitat, the sofa, sheltering himself from responsibility.

Video footage of the imitators doing the exact same thing is immediately uploaded, and it leads to Gumball deducing that the family of copycats has been surveilling them the entire time.

Anais gives her family the idea to live their lives to deadly extents, and thus, potentially kill the copycats.

Video-on-demand services have the synopsis incorrectly refer to Chi Chi and Ribbit as "Kiki" and "Quack," respectively. The Wattersons are so distracted by this they end up crashing into a toll booth as the doppelgänger family drives away.