The rare act of an angel or demon awakening in the Empty will jostle the entity from its slumber and keep it awake until they are either revived or go back to sleep. Cosmic Entity: Oh, I'm just your friendly neighborhood cosmic entity. Title: Dean: Yeah, doctor's gonna eat our liver with some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti. Cosmic Entity: Oh, yes. After a brief battle, Castiel makes a deal with the Entity to take Jack's place. Erica moves to embrace Wes, only to stab him in the gut. Realizing its threats of throwing Castiel deeper into the Empty and its beatings will not work on the angel, the Cosmic Entity appears to accept the deal and sends Castiel back to Earth. He wants to kill me. Mia suggests the killings are being perpetrated by her ex, Buddy. Sam: Stop. Mia / Kelly: Jack. Never mind. Jack: The computer said I'd like it. Sam bursts into the room accusing Mia of being a shapeshifter. Using Jack Kline's blood, Nick performs a spell which opens a portal to the Empty from which Lucifer emerges, still in the black viscous form he had in the Empty. In the library, Dean brings Sam a beer and they talk about what they said in Mia’s office. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.
Jack confesses that Sam and Dean are not his brothers and tells Mia about Kelly, showing her the video she left him.

And it's about time you embraced that. (02 Nov 2017). When Sam and Dean mention the death of Wes and Gloria, Mia is surprised and gives them an alibi for Wes' death, which checks out. Nothing but Empty.

Here we go. After Chuck kills Jack Kline, Jack awakens in the Empty, where he is greeted by the Cosmic Entity in the form of a viscous black humanoid which forms a smile upon its face. Sam: What? The empty was intriguing too. Cosmic Entity: Oh, yes. Before the Universe and even God and the Darkness, there was only the Empty, an infinite black void. Sam stays behind with Mia to review security footage and quickly discovers Mia’s patient, John Driscoll, is Buddy by his retinal flare on the video. Why do they call this place the Empty? When Jack voices his fear of Dean and how he wants to kill him, Sam tells Jack he won't let that happen and that Dean respects effort, so Jack should come along.
Dean asserts that anything that burns stays dead and proceeds to salt and burn the body. Dean: That a bad thing? Castiel asks the Cosmic Entity to send him back to Earth, if he is causing such a disturbance. When it tortures Sam, he deceives it by stating that Billie sent him to retrieve Chuck's Death Book and assure it that Billie will honor their deal. [1] Nick manages to open a portal to the Empty and briefly release Lucifer until Jack sends him back and kills Nick. She reveals that Billie is planning to take over as the new God upon Chuck and Amara's deaths and her first move would be to return everyone to where they belong, including sending the entity back to sleep in the Empty. The remaining angels send a distress signal through angel radio, prompting Castiel to respond. However, Castiel steadfastly keeps his resolve and threatens to keep them awake for all eternity, driving them both insane, until it sends him back to Earth. The Entity accepts, but it decides to let Castiel continue living his life until the moment he's truly happy as it wants him to suffer for awakening it from its slumber. Mia, as Kelly, tells Jack that it matters what he does, not what he is, and that even monsters can do good in the world. In Madison, Wisconsin, Wes Bailey comes home to find his dead wife, Erica, alive in their living room. She states that nothing is able to come back from the Empty and the Cosmic Entity also claims that no other being has control in the Empty, not even God. A monster? I do like Ahsoka. View production, box office, & company info. Dean: Yeah, well, what does these days? The Entity appears as a liquid mass of black ooze that chases after Jack through the corridors of Heaven and possesses the angels Naomi and Dumah. They eventually discover that since God has no influence in the Empty, it was Jack Kline who called out to him and inadvertently brought him back to life. As Dean calls Sam, Jack asks to speak to Mia alone. The rare act of an angel or demon awakening in the Empty will jostle the entity from its slumber and keep it awake until they are either revived or go back to sleep. Before the Universe and even God and the Darkness, there was only the Empty, an infinite black void. Billie had promised to make it all better when she took over, but Castiel's visit to the Empty to see Ruby shook the Entity's faith in Billie's trustworthiness. I'm sorry. A Cosmic Entity appears to preside over the Empty sleeping alongside the dead angels and demons. Mia, choosing not to be a killer, tells Buddy to shoot her but Buddy is distracted by Sam's arrival. In looking for connections between the victims, Sam and Dean discover that both victims saw the same therapist, Mia Vallens. Sam encounters the Cosmic Entity, still using the form of Meg, in Death's Reading Room, killing reapers in a futile attempt to call Billie's attention when it notices Sam. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Back at the Bunker, Dean tells Jack he did good, bringing a smile to Jack's face. As Jack looks around the Empty, Billie appears behind him to announce that "it's time.". Also can we acknowledge how when Dean went to purgatory and Sam didn't look for him because he thought Dean was dead was seen as some big sin by Sam but Dean's doing the same with Mary. He tells them what the Empty looked like, its purpose as the final resting place for angels and demons when they die, and how he was awakened by hearing someone call his name. Kinda hate Anakin. While Buddy explains how he has been looking for Mia since she left him, and how after seeing the life she created for herself he wanted to destroy it, Dean tries to get Jack to use his powers. Upon seeing Mia as Kelly, Jack tearfully tells her that he is afraid that he’s not good and that he feels nothing. He keeps staring at me. Billie explains that due to the Entity's vast power, it is the only thing that can hope to contain the blast with Chuck and Amara out of the picture. In the Bunker, Dean has found the Madison case and wants to leave Jack behind while he and Sam investigate, arguing to Sam that the world is safer if Jack is hidden away while continuing to assert that Mary is dead and that Sam needs to move on. Castiel tells them that he was in the Empty and that he annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he was revived. It doesn't matter what you are. As Castiel passes by, a pool of iridescent black goo pulls itself out of the nothingness and takes on human form. Dean: Okay. And if it's real, then he has to deal with it, and he can't handle that. They pull up at the house in Madison, and Dean and Sam explain ghosts and revenants to a curious Jack. Uh, they go crazy.

And you are soaking in it. Jack: You wanna save her. Once Jack hits Erica's coffin, they find her body is still inside.

She tries to take Dean to the Empty, but Dean is revived by Dr. Kessler, forcing Billie to leave. She explains she wants to leave because the Empty is a place where angels and demons are forced to relive their worst memories in their eternal slumber.

Castiel, realizing he is being followed, confronts the creature who takes his form. When Sam goes to tell Jack they are all going on a hunt, Jack does not want to go and accuses Sam of using him. Mia admits it but says she is helping people get closure with their lost loved ones by seeing them one last time and saying goodbye. Sam: Uh... that's probably for the best. This FAQ is empty. – Cosmic Entity and Castiel, 13.04 The Big Empty. However, both of these claims are later disproven. Dean and Jack go to check out Mia’s assistant, Tom, to see if he is actually Buddy. Forever.

The Cosmic Entity, angry that Castiel is awake and therefore keeping it awake, begins torturing Castiel to try and learn why he has woken up.