Phy. Discord. The Nameless (Anima: Beyond Fantasy) possesses the Right Arm of the Death, giving him the power to kill everyone with it, wiping out the soul with no chance to reincarnate. Thanos (Marvel Comics); as the Avatar of Death. [6] Moreover, he makes modifications out of New World items, such as the elemental weapon Frost Pain to use its spell 'Icy Burst. Ainz's physical attack power would be around that of a level 30 warrior, in YGGDRASIL terms. All in all, it really is a powerful skill as it amplifies all insta-death attacks, but using it isn't so simple. To the guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, "Others" were players with challenging classes who could adapt to many different circumstances. and it probably doesn't work against world enemies, would be kind of lame if it can one-shot them. The GOAL is Death is massively powered up by existing in a living fantasy world, in the "real" world it wasn't nearly as impressive, it's possible that in a softer setting like … Particularly, items like a long-sword weapon imbued with some sort of magic which can waive that class restriction and let him use it. Momonga also has the ability to infuse negative energy by touch, but it cannot heal the undead. After much training and practice, Ainz was in that 5% as well. If all of them dealt with TGoALiD the same way Shalltear with Einerjar did, they'd all be killed after 12 seconds with out without instant death immunity. With such massive forces, he will then have them be transported to places of his choosing via the [Gate] spell. He looked to his left at albedo she was standing there with a sweet smile on her face. Ring that protects the user from detection by all kinds of divination-type magic. Superpower Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. "Even though I was not the one to create you I should still be able to look at your stats with this.". these doors were not made of word but from metal that had designs of angelic beings with wings reaching down to a monsters with horns and wigs like a bat. If his chant is interrupted, Ainz will recover Energy points. 95 As an arcane magic caster, Ainz is already a strategist and tactician who can hold his own in battle, even against a warrior. Opposite to Absolute Life Inducement. On the other side waiting for him was the faces of some familiar NPC's, Sebas Tian and the battle maids. everything he was denied in his old life he will give to his new one. Your entire surroundings could become a desert with stale air and no signs of all life, but if you were not even touched by any ID spell/skill, it won't matter for you. During battle, the Defense Ratings of all Dimensional heroes are increased by 45% for every Dimensional hero that is in the allied formation. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The methods could vary, but as long as you don't get touch in any way by any ID spell/skill, *TGoALiD* shouldn't affect you once it completes activation. When powered by the Mark of Cain, The First Blade (Supernatural) is capable of killing anything in existence. Ainz will make steady preparations first and tends to take any advantage he can in order to be one step ahead of his opponent. Aizen Satoru will take over the new world along with his family of Nazarick. Follow 557. Approximate Status In spite of the flaws and many ways this ability can go wrong, the user has what is essentially the best tool for anything they wish to permanently erase. For a pure arcane magic caster such as Ainz, his selection of weapons are very limited, largely to staves, daggers, and the like. In that case, the greatest concern is not the ID-amplifying skill, but the ID spell/skill itself. 40 Particularly, Ainz's middle-tier undead are the only known kinds which can be made permanent and not disappear through the use of a corpse or any parts from its body provided. Even those spells he had not learned could still become a weapon to read his opponents’ strengths, once Ainz knew of them. Death of the Endless (DC/Vertigo Comics) can and will eventually kill everything, including gods, universes, higher dimensions, ideas, concepts, existence itself and even her own aspects.