Later, they make it to the security entrance where a HiveWing named Hawker asks for their names. When Sundew tried furiously to remove the book from the pedestal, the Librarian revealed herself and tried to stop her. Swordtail went ahead to scout out the Hive, and Cricket landed next to Blue so they could walk together. You may be looking for the prophecy or the continent instead.) Run where? It was officially released in the United States on June 26, 2018. Cricket dropped two bullet ants on the Librarian on Sundew's request, which caused the queen to lose control because of the pain inflicted by the ants, but not before telling them that there were HiveWings surrounding the temple. They've let you go about your ordinary life so far, but now you look dangerous to them, and they're not going to let you have that life back. Cricket knocked out the two guards in front of the door using a flower from one of Sundew's pouches. It's gone.\"\"But if I'm good, if I do what I'm told - I'm not dangerous. \"Wait, wait! It turned out to be made by a scavenger-like creature, who resided in the caves. Cricket wrote in some dirt that they should pretend to agree and then escape later so that the LeafWings wouldn't know about it. She did the same with the other guards stationed inside the temple, and they finally entered the last room in the temple, where the book rested inside a case placed on a pedestal. From what they'd seen from their friend Swordtail and his sister, Io, as neither of them had glowing wrists during their metamorphosis. A dragon whom Blue believed to be a SilkWing helped him hide. Download The Lost Continent Wings Of Fire Book 11 PDF/ePub, Mobi eBooks by Click Download or Read Online button. The prologue begins with Clearsight flying through a hurricane. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Children's Dragon, Unicorn & Mythical Stories, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Blue \"But they don't care. ISBN Blue lost sight of Io as he ran from the HiveWings. Blue found Swordtail and Cricket does an experiment by dropping a thread of flamesilk into a chemical that had been used on saving plants that had been poisoned and poured it on Swordtail. She deems the second one more important and heads on to the continent. 11 The other dragon then interrupts, saying she would like Chafer to serve Luna and Blue first, to which the salesdragon refused. Several HiveWing guards then mobilize to take care of it, insisting that such an occurrence was the result of an illness. Pantala isn't as peaceful as it seems, and Blue isn't safe. She then tried out her flamesilk, which resulted in one of Admiral's stack of letters to the Queen Wasp to catch on fire. She learned that Moon could see the future, but not as well as Clearsight could. Arc "Wait, wait! Blue told them that he was looking for Luna, but that he didn't know where the flamesilks were being kept. Blue shows him his right palm (carved with a "B" for him, a big "B" for his mother, Burnet, and an "A" for his father, Admiral) as well as the bronze cuff on his left arm, an accessory inscribed with his school's name, Silkworm Hall. He used it to unlock the case and retrieved the Book of Clearsight. Swordtail said that he thought the LeafWings were eavesdropping on their conversation, to which Belladonna admitted. Later, two HiveWings enter the shop. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down, throwing him into dangers he never knew existed. They smashed the hole open, thus creating an escape route. A tall, female LeafWing with a system of pouches expressed surprise at a HiveWing working with two SilkWings, but a younger female with the same pouches scoffed at this, saying that HiveWings didn't make friends with SilkWings. On the wall in the entry, Blue sees a mural of HiveWings and SilkWings coexisting, as well as posters warning about vigilance, the woes of disobedience (for SilkWings), and the threat of LeafWings. They were soon spotted by a HiveWing patrol and started fighting. The new tribes and continent, Pantala, were all original and the characters were fleshed out. Cricket said his wristband probably injected him with a toxin to make him feel dizzy and faint, and therefore easier for the HiveWing guards to catch. Luna will have her wings and her silk, be assigned a partner and a work order, and move to another Hive. Blue protests and said they should go to Droplets since SilkWings weren't usually welcome in the Sugar Dream. Once there, she witnessed many new futures. Blue spotted a key on the ground, which the Librarian dropped in the battle. The book itself is described as looking very small, having a dark blue cover and having worn pages. It ended up being scared off by the dragons, and afterward, they took a break while Swordtail slept. The overside is the traditional cover with embossed logos and quick excerpt on the back, and the underside is a poster with the. After Blue reached the hole, Cricket curled up with him and they discussed the Distant Kingdoms (Pyrrhia) as a possible place to flee to, even though Blue thought that it wasn't really real. They flew low when the moon showed, just to make sure they were hidden from the HiveWings. Cricket led him into a cave where he weaved his cocoon. Before they leave, Blue notices a strange expression cross her face as she hugs Luna, and he reckons that Silverspot suspects that she would never see Luna again. She jumps away, irritated at his actions, to which Blue jumped in and offered to let Weevil touch his wingbuds instead. The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire, Book 11) by Tui T. Sutherland The Lost Continent by Tui Sutherland was simply an amazing read. Publication Date Jerboa responded that she was glad that she spoke Dragon. She leads them through a secret panel to the balcony, where they saw that every single HiveWing in the Hive had been mind-controlled and surrounded them. Page Amount The queen raged at the fact that she couldn't get into Cricket's mind, and Blue tried to protect Cricket by turning himself in. Yet. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 8, 2018. In the Temple of Clearsight, it is mounted on a tree-shaped stand, locked inside of a wooden case. Stop trusting the HiveWings right now.