By Paul Revoir for MailOnline Updated: 19:44 EST, 15 January 2010 Click here to see a short vid of Tomaz chatting up the ladies in his home town.. 2. “So I thought… OK, maybe this could work?

Still, he has ignored the trolls and enjoys having long hair so much that when it was announced barbers could reopen, he didn’t go. “I don’t really want to think about that.”. During his studies he spent a short time at Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences analysing tropical weather data. Fox host exasperated over WH vote claims. She cannot really think it’s a wig, can she?

The Schaf didn’t realise he was on camera, of course, and quickly tried to disguise his gaffe by scratching his chin. Want more?!

Thomas Schafenacker's Reputation Profile.

They aren’t allowed within a metre of him at the moment, anyway. He grew up half an hour from me, and once worked with my first regular hairdresser, Neil.

"I think the general message is through the weekend it's going to be drying out. You can follow Tomasz on Twitter Or check out his website! "So it looks as though on Saturday there could still be a bit of rain, it could be anywhere, East or West, then the sun comes out and I think from cider...". • Rhys Thomas is an author.

Mr Schafernaker appeared as the cover star of Attitude Active, the health special which came with this month's magazine. “Do you know what, that has been brought up in the office. In 2001, he was the youngest bloke to ever present the weather for the BBC – aged just 22. I love working with the team.'. AKA: thomas w schafenack, thomas w schafenacker, tom schafenacker, … See more ideas about Toddler haircuts, Little boy haircuts, Kids hair cuts. “I never knew any of this stuff!”. I booked in for the same day.

Early life.

The latter was out of the question: Schafernaker may be cool by the standards of TV weathermen, but he is not about to break the law. It’s a hell of an outlook.

And so he went for it, and for once couldn’t forecast anything that would happen. But I don’t long for it. Fingers crossed that the weather picks up then ....... otherwise there's always next time. He is prodigiously good at both: the former once got him a six-pack-ripping Attitude magazine cover (his popularity in the gay community is such that Urban Dictionary lists the “Schafernaker scale – “a cult scale to assess the cuteness of a potentially attractive man. He lives in west London with two housemates. Would the nation even be ready for a second wave of the Schafernaker waves? I almost fell asleep while he shampooed my hair.

Because on TV by the weather map, the green screen and bright lights pick everything up. In the same year, he became infamous for flipping the finger at BBC newsreader Simon McCoy on air. He then shocked his bosses by posing on the cover of Attitude Active magazine, wearing skimpy shorts. In the past, I just sort of waved that off, knowing that we’re in the media industry and it’s one of those things. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. He was informing viewers of the weekend forecast, which will be bringing some rain showers across the next few days. “Tomasz Schafernaker’s hair continues to be iconic,” TV critic Scott Bryan wrote. That was mid-May.