0000089644 00000 n His executive roles have included: Executive Chairman of Tradus Plc; Executive Vice Chairman of Virgin Media Group; CFO of Orange SA; Chief Executive of End2End Holdings AS; Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive WorldOnline International BV; and Deputy Chairman and Group Finance Director at Thorn EMI Plc.
Mr. Eyal Shefer holds the position of chief financial officer and is responsible for all of the finance activities, corporate development and Sharon started his career as a business consultant at Shaldor, one of Israel’s leading strategy consulting firms. Morgan Stanley Virtual European Technology, Media & Telecoms Conference.

• We innovate by finding new ways to do things. Furthermore, he brings 25 years of experience in investment and financial markets. Links. Transparency is also one of the carrier's pillars. Gil Sharon has held a number of executive, operational and marketing roles in several companies, especially in the Telecom sector.
With TIM, individual and corporate customers can always be connected. �,�&��� �h. 0000081012 00000 n

Press Release. Previously he was President of Pirelli America Latina for five years. TIM joins voucher scheme to boost ultra-broadband in Italy.

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