I just need to find the tracks. Well, that’s the sequence you need to follow for the switches puzzle in We Happy Few. There are two ways to get past the Headboys, the fastest way would be to climb up on the roof and crawl above the Headboys without them ever noticing the player. If you must eat rotten food, wait until your hunger meter is quite low before binging, and quickly chase it with a Neximide Pill to eliminate any debuffs. There are also infection, nausea, plague and joy indicators when applicable.

It was agony waiting to know you were safe. Wear a Proper Suit and pop Joy often to avoid suspicion in Hamlyn Village.

You're always right. It's currently in Early Access on Xbox One and Windows PC, but it still includes some Encounters (We Happy Few's term for quests) across a few different areas.

I thought I could take the train tracks to the bridge... Ollie: Aye. Investigate the squares on your map between streets for the best chance at unlocking encounters. It is also important to note that you can use items in your personal safe for crafting, and they don't need to be to be on your person. You can sleep to progress time, and the time will momentarily show on your screen when waking and sleeping. Stay clear of plagued Wastrels, indicated with orange around their heads, and try not to spend too much time in toxic sludge. A power cell is available in Where's the Power. Exhaustion is more of a detriment than a death sentence and decreases the amount of max stamina you can exert.

The game progresses through a normal cycle of day and night. Meg, you remember Artie, don't you? And we did -- Spot of tea? Point of Departure is a quest in We Happy Few. Ye could stay here. You can also find power cells inside homes in Hamlyn Village. So I ought to be able to walk on them all the way out of Wellington Wells. Ollie: I just need you to turn off the power in the camp. Daddy says you're cross with him for not coming earlier, but please understand.

Arthur: I'M YOUR OLD NEIGHBOR ARTIE! Ollie: There's a warehouse in the old German camp. It was like a cathedral, but for trains. How? It stands to reason, doesn't it?

We Happy Few uses a grid-style inventory system, so size matters. What if the windows had been locked?

As such, Encounters occur in random and different locations every time. That’s all there is to solving the switches puzzle in We Happy Few! That was Jack turned you in!

You can craft Healing Balm from the beginning of the game, and it requires only Gilded Petals, which are very common in the Garden District.

Then, you’ll notice there’s a poster on the left-hand side of you by the switches puzzle – on the wall – that gives you a clue as to what the solution is: Always Do Be Careful! If you need any more help with the game, check out our wiki! It’s the room with a piano in it. Permadeath can be frustrating when you're first playing the game, especially in its current Early Access state. ARTIE'S GONE THEY TOOK HIM AWAY! There are currently a few areas to explore during We Happy Few's Early Access phase: Spend your time exploring and revealing every part of the map. Which means I'll need to get to the Parade bridge by bridge, island by island. We recommend that you keep two stacks of canteens and always fill them at a water pump when available. Oh, for fuck's sake! A randomized Wellington Wells. Arthur: What do you want me to do?

Unlike other ailments, it can't be treated with sleep or a basic medical item. Also, and not entirely incidentally, I got here by falling through a hole in the floor. We were so worried when we saw the train pull away! Arthur needs to get to the Parade District in order to get out of Wellington Wells, he decides to go to the train station and follow the tracks all the way to Apple Holm Station. The trains went from here to the mainland. Ollie: No, you're right. Naturally, it's never quite that simple. Ergo, the tracks go to the mainland. When the boys have been dealt with, the player has to find their way back upstairs. You can also get them as rewards from Encounters. Arthur: Where all those Home Army chaps run around practicing stabbing people with bayonets? You’ll find the replacement switch there.

We Happy Few is a procedurally generated rogue-lite narrative game, meaning that no two playthroughs will ever be the same, and although you may see … Percival "Percy" Hastings is the older brother of Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few. Nighttime in the Garden District is safe, while nighttime in Hamlyn Village can be dangerous because of patrolling bobbies.

Sleep in a safe house or find an unoccupied bed to replenish this stat. You might lose a few items and some time will have passed, but you will be able to continue your game. Explore to reveal the map, which consists of outlined squares. Running, jumping and attacking all require stamina. Certain encounters and interactions are time specific.

From the station. Like a game of Tetris, move smaller items to fill in gaps between larger items to free up openings on the grid for more items.

After prying off the boards blocking off the next area, Arthur will fall down and end up in the train station underground.

Ollie: Well, why didn't you say that before? Or, at least, the first letters of each of those words is the switches sequence! The only way to the Britannia Bridge is the train station in the Parade ... Ollie: And good luck getting into the Parade. We Happy Few will eventually see players making a break for it and getting the heck out of town. They will fill your hunger without giving you food poisoning and are readily available.

The Bridge to the mainland is in the Parade District. The Soviet Union (officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR) is a communist union made up of 16 republics which are mentioned in We Happy Few in the form of conversations by Wastrels, letters and newspapers which the player can find across the districts.. History [edit | edit source].

Most of the food that you find when taking down a Wastrel or searching items like mailboxes will be rotten.

If you're not rested, you risk losing a fight or being unable to run away from danger.

That's certainly not how I got in the last time... in 1947. Ollie: If you help me, I'll help you get out of Wellington Wells. Ollie: That's right, Margaret, we have to run after water! Home » Guides » We Happy Few: How to Solve the Switches Puzzle. You will need about two canteens every 24 hours. Arthur: You don't think they hurt him? Wear a Torn Suit and avoid taking joy when in the Garden District. I always loved the train station. As the game grows, we'll keep playing and expanding this guide.

Keep in mind that bringing up the inventory screen will not pause gameplay. Ollie: Don't be a great girl's blouse.

Dear, darling Sebastian, What a brave boy you are! How am I going to get out of Wellington Wells? And I what tried to save you!