Their expectations for reliable product and responsive service are becoming more extreme. Not all causes of low LTV potential are unmanageable or uninfluenceable. It has been suggested by Frederick Reichheld, author of, ownership, in which investor churn, motiv, commonplace. The value perceptions of the customer serve as bonds, or exit barriers, which inhibit the search for alternative sources of supply. In fact the customer is the actual boss in a deal and is responsible for the actually profit for the organization. Infrastructure deals with the organization in a sense of technology, customer information, and process management. For this question, many researchers and managers try to dig out the solution. Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Five primary steps to profitable relationships. it is impossible to compute realistic LTVs. The customer clustering produced in this study isfour segmentswith the majority of customers at cluster 3 segment low with 51 unit population. the use of data cleansing and transformation processes, and the loading of the data to a data mart or This study concluded that the member loyalty of co-operatives consumer in West Java Province of Indonesia is in a “good” criteria or condition. and CRM (customer relationship management) i.e. Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, Customer, CRM, Implementation 1 Introduction Companies that enter to compete in a new market weaken the existing and solid ones, due to new ways of doing and conceiving businesses. An alte, ways of adding value thereby enhancing th, perceived value-add from the customer’s perspective. Moreover, the results indicated the better customers clustering and valuation by using the RFMV model. This model suggests that companies should take four actions in order to the building, keeping and retaining the long-term one-to-one relationships with customers. When the data is in place, users access the data to support decision. ned by the established and emergent trading blocs. Customize the offer and communications to ensure that the expectations of customers are met. Equally, it is possible to custom, Customer relationship management is not phi. Customize the offer and communications to ensure that the expectations of customers are met. In order to serve customer’s relationships, it is important for a company to create value for a customer on every stage of the selling process. For example, a company entering a new market may, focus initially on building close relationships, on sales, logistics and customer service role. A company’s network position i.e. Data collected from the completed questionnaires and the interviews were grouped into frequency tables and expressed in percentages. With intense competition among insurance companies in Ghana, this study sought to assess Customer Relationship Management practices and Customer Retention in NSIA Insurance. British, Home Stores once had one thousand suppliers. Detecting similarities and differences among customers, predicting their behaviors, proposing better options and opportunities tocustomers became very important for customer-company engagement. Simply we can say, CRM Is a tool to manage customer relationships with the help of people, information technology, customer’s data, company’s process and customers themselves. Every member in a developed network works together as a whole to creating value for customers. There’s little. These are: educate current i, The main economic argument for customer relationship management is that it is, relationship management affects both side, relatively high costs of customer acquisi, product sampling, advertising, credit check, the propensity for incremental sales from word-of-mouth and the lower the, Certainly, institutions which sell index tracking investment products linked , for, example, to the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250, are stable investors in those companies, which fall within the indices. Expectations are a moving target. Association Rule Learning (ARL) is a machine learning method for discovering interesting relations between varieties in large databases. SSC’s is defined thoroughly above so let’s move toward CPA. This study aims to create an information system that implements operational CRM methods so that customers can make product purchases as desired by accessing the Distro Channel website. This is the final step of primary stages. For some, CRM is simply a bridge between marketing and IT: CRM is, therefore, an IT-enabled sales and service function. This model includes the series of activities related to employees, people, and organization, and technology as well. Hence, this study aims to cluster customers based on a developed RFM model, namely RFMV, by adding a variable of variety of products (V). Diversity in individual consumption may lead to increased demand for variety of products; therefore, variety of products can be used, along with other behavioral variables, to better understand and categorize customers' behavior. There can, option. To improve the business relationship with customers it uses history of customer with a company. The model’s authors prefer to describe their model as a customer management model, omitting the word ‘relationship’. for Organization design helps to manage the relationships. We are familiar with terms like nd preferential payment terms offering loyalty awards, ill give excellent service to their external, d a management model which has calibrated, it increase in employee satisfaction provides, s. Similarly, following acquisition there is, jor concern is on building a relationship, of the proposition that is important, not the, In order to create, communicate and deliver. For example, if it takes no paperwork and two minutes' interaction at a desk to hire a car, customers will want to know why it takes fifteen minutes and form-filling to check into a hotel.