2020 General Election Center: Live results of voting today including polls, who's winning election races, state-by-state governor, Senate and congressional races — live updates The Chatham County lawsuit contended that a poll watcher named Sean Pumphrey had said he “witnessed absentee ballots that had not been properly processed apparently mixed into a pile of absentee ballots that was already set to be tabulated.”. The U.S. government, as part of its commitments as a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, invited election observers to the United States. Read all news including political news, current affairs and news headlines online on Up By Election 2020 today. Latino activists, infuriated by racial profiling that accompanied the crackdowns, led voter registration drives.

Mike Baker and Jim Rutenberg contributed reporting. A political realignment in Maricopa County, Ariz., boosts Biden’s chances. Of those, a stack of 53, he later learned, were ballots that had come in after the 7 p.m. deadline when polls officially closed. With Arizona too close to call, Trump supporters gather at a vote-counting site in Phoenix. In Portland, where a “Count Every Vote” demonstration merged with another one focused on protesting the police and urging racial justice, some people broke away from the group and smashed A.T.M.s and storefront windows in the downtown area and confronted National Guard troops. He then briefly left the room, he said. Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, said that as of 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday, there were about 90,735 ballots that still needed to be counted. Before Election Day, investors had driven up stock prices on increased expectations of a Democratic sweep of the White House and Congress that would deliver a large fiscal stimulus package to help jump-start an economy reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. About 5 percent of the total vote remains to be counted there. Lawyers for the Trump campaign have descended on the state to mount court challenges. Democrats pointed to hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots in Philadelphia and its suburbs, and to the fact that the mail-in votes had so far run four to one in Mr. Biden’s favor. Keely Varvel, chief deputy recorder for Maricopa County, said counting would continue despite the protest. “Our election officials at the state and local level should be free to do their jobs without intimidation or attacks,” Mr. Wolf said in a statement. With about 4.5 million people, Maricopa accounts for almost 60 percent of Arizona’s population. called the elections “neither free nor fair”. In photos: Across the country, demonstrators make the case for a full count. At least one guy wielding military-style rifle. ATLANTA — President Trump’s lead in Georgia shrank to 18,540 votes as of Thursday morning as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in an interview, “We should be done no later than noontime today.”. In Georgia, where the race is tightening, 45 percent of voters said they're doing better today than four years ago. Protests also cropped up in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix, where pro-Trump protesters shouted, “Shame on Fox.” Some protesters called for all votes to be counted, but in other places their agenda was not entirely clear. But with Arizona emerging as a tempting target for Democrats, Maricopa’s election results are shattering that perception in what may amount to one of the biggest political shifts of any major county in the United States in recent years. transformed Arizona into a battleground state. But his sister, he said, eventually persuaded him to vote Democrat this year for the first time. New results from Maricopa County are beginning to come in, with Biden maintaining a lead. As of 10:30 p.m. Eastern, Mr. Trump leads the state — where he has already sued to challenge the handling of a small number of ballots — by only 33,300 votes. outcome in the U.S. presidential election, investors quickly realigned their positions on the prospect of a divided government. PHOENIX — Just a decade ago, Maricopa County embodied Arizona’s status as a Republican bastion.

Senate tally includes 65 seats not up for election. Trump’s road is narrow. The police labeled the incidents a riot and swarmed in. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, condemned the legal maneuvers. The question was whether additional absentee votes from rural and more Republican areas would offset enough of Mr. Biden’s gains to preserve Mr. Trump’s lead. Percentages are estimates of how much vote has been counted. The Trump campaign also said it would file a suit to stop the counting of mail-in ballots, claiming election officials were not allowing party observers to closely monitor the process, particularly in Philadelphia — a charge that the officials flatly denied. With The Launch of M1 Chip Will The Partnership Between Intel & Apple Come To An End? “No K.K.K. Asked about the Chatham County lawsuit, Richard Barron, the elections director in Fulton County, said he wasn’t aware of it, but, referring to his own county’s ballots, he said: “These are all valid votes because they were all received yesterday.”, According to a statement by Justin Clark, the Trump campaign’s senior counsel, the lawsuit’s ultimate goal is for “all Georgia counties to separate any and all late-arriving ballots from all legally cast ballots to ensure a free, fair election in which only legal, valid ballots count.”. Sean Keenan contributed reporting from Atlanta. While covering the election, our photographers also turned their cameras away from the crowds to capture some details that might otherwise go unnoticed. The people, united, will never be defeated. But Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s platform also includes some proposals — such as tax increases on corporations, capital gains and wealthy individuals — that many on Wall Street view as negative for stocks. “We are still planning to finish up our scheduled ballot processing work and report out more results tonight,” Ms. Varvel said. Sam Salazar, 32, a foreman for a drywall company in Maryvale, a heavily Latino area of Maricopa, said he started out a few years ago as a fan of Mr. Trump. In Detroit, Trump supporters gathered outside the offices where votes were being counted and called for a halt to vote counting — echoing the president’s unfounded claim that illegally cast ballots were being tallied to flip the race to his opponent, Joseph R. Biden Jr. The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won Arizona was Bill Clinton in 1996, and Maricopa County has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1948. It raised the possibility that some absentee ballots had been improperly handled and received after Tuesday’s 7 p.m. deadline. Statewide, Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by less than three percentage points. President Vladimir V. Putin in Moscow on Wednesday. Justice! IPL 2020: In Pics, Royal Challengers Bangalore Season Review - RCB Fail Before Final Hurdle, Again, Assam's Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Reopens For Tourists After 7 Months Hiatus, World Pneumonia Day 2020: Tips on Preventing This Deadly Respiratory Disease, Wearing a Face Mask Doesn't Interfere with Breathing During Exercise: Study. From New York City to Lansing, Mich., to Oakland, Calif., Americans took to the streets on Wednesday to demand a full counting of votes. In its report, the O.S.C.E. Pro-Kremlin media personalities have amplified President Trump’s claims that the counting of votes is rigged against him as his path to re-election grows increasingly narrow. Justice! A spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia did not respond to an emailed request for comment. Various factors have contributed to the political reconfiguration in the county, which began to take shape by 2016, when Mr. Arpaio was defeated and Hillary Clinton lost the county by just three percentage points. The Election Commission had announced the last date for filing nominations for the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh as October 27. Politicians like Joe Arpaio, the tough-talking sheriff who was long a fixture in the county that includes the Phoenix suburbs, thrived in large part because of their ability to appeal to voters while taking a hard line on immigration, guns, religion and taxes. ATLANTA — The presidential race in Georgia appeared headed for a photo finish as former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. steadily gained ground on President Trump. Diet Pills: Do They Help You Lose Weight or Harm Your Health?

The next Maricopa release is not expected until Thursday night. Most notably, 17,000 votes remained uncounted in Democrat-leaning Chatham County, home to the city of Savannah, and 11,200 remained to be counted in Fulton County, which covers much of Atlanta. Maricopa County’s next update will come after 9 p.m. Eastern on Thursday. All eyes are on Georgia, and not just because of Trump’s dwindling lead. Some chanting “Shame on Fox” pic.twitter.com/f4kyzhyFxJ. “Biden is for masks, for taking care of people,” Mr. Salazar added. Source: Vote totals from N.E.P./Edison Research. Republicans in Georgia were nervously assessing the vote count and promised to file lawsuits in a dozen or more counties aimed at knocking off votes here and there.

Biden closes in on Trump in Georgia, where the counting of votes continues. The first case, filed in Savannah on Wednesday, was an effort to chisel away 53 ballots that Georgia Republicans said had arrived too late to be counted.

Peter Meijer, Republican, wins Michigan’s Third Congressional District. [Live updates of President-Elect Joe Biden.].