Many actors have to work long days so Kidman can stay in shape alongside her husband in their own home gym. Furniture, Bed & Mattress Congrats! There is also a small area for a breakfast bar, meaning Nicole and Keith can enjoy a meal together at the start of each day. Call us or come visit our showroom in Downtown Pensacola today!

Plus, it appears as though Nicole liked to bring some of the outdoors in. Storage & Organization, Dining

Since opening our first Indianapolis Furniture Store in 1993, Urban Styles has evolved from a discount store chain to a quality home furnishings provider. $54 per month for 12 months* So how could they have a house without a children’s room? For safety, we will require masks for employees and recommend them for customers. The guest house has its own dining room complete with a four-person dining table so that their guests have somewhere spacious and comfortable to eat. See Details

Add a touch of elegance to your space with these Libbey 3060 20 oz. Apparently, it’s her “curiosity.” Nicole shares two children with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, and two younger additions with Kieth. Kidman and Urban have plenty of space in this room, and it’s one of the largest in the entire home.

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It’s almost like the couple are flying high above the rest of the world. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment and we will be more than happy to meet or chat. Lighting, Style, Function, Home.

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Despite the beautiful scenery and the peaceful atmosphere the house provides, the couple decided to sell the property back in 2017.

It seems that her passion for fun has rubbed off on the new additions as the corner of the dining room is filled with their toys.

or The room backs out onto their yard so they can keep an eye on what’s going on outside at any time. Holders, Window Treatment Their Los Angeles home is up to date and modern, and was completed only shortly before the couple purchased the build. Urban Objects can help you choose the perfect lighting for your project. Refer to and for details.

As with most rooms in this property, there are more amazing views of Kidman and Urban’s expansive grounds. Participating in events like Gallery Night, Urban Objects is always a warm an inviting visit when coming into downtown Pensacola Florida. Thankfully, this is one of the many ways the family can enjoy their animals.

The landscape is not bad, either. All natural modern american made furniture, mattresses, and rugs. Thank you for your patronage. While the home of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban might not be huge, the couple made sure to get plenty of land thrown into the deal for their house. They often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it looks as though there was no expense spared when it came to furnishing this room. It’s so big there is a second room, and if anything it’s going to be a challenge for the couple to fill this closet.

See Details & Bed Frames, Crib & Toddler We’ll email you your 10% off* code within an hour. Sales & Warehouse Job Fair – October 20th, 12pm to 3pm @ UFO New Castle Store. Nicole and Keith went on to fork out around $7 million for the neighboring apartment that might have been smaller at 4,090-square-feet, but it reportedly has better views of the harbor. Room

Urban Objects is proud to be part of Historic Palafox Street in Pensacola FL. The couple wouldn’t be able to enjoy their time in Hollywood without a house to match.

They each have their own desks which look out onto the acres of land the pair share together. Urban Objects can help you find the perfect balance of function and design for your home, we have beachy and unique to Pensacola items, modern and post-modern designs, elegant and classic styles, and everything in between to suit your unique needs.

To help make their home seem bigger Kidman and Urban have made great use of the natural light shining through. While other big stars opt for someplace huge to live in, this power couple has gone for an understated country home. While Nicole is 52 years old, she admits there is something she still holds onto from her childhood. For many celebrities, the most important thing is privacy, and this Hollywood couple can undoubtedly have as much privacy as they’d like here. Now, it’s true – a door leading from the kitchen directly outside is a little unorthodox, but it’s perfect for people who love entertaining. The farmhouse is filled with plenty of rooms that have all been designed to fit both Nicole and Kieth’s needs. Perhaps that’s why they forked out an estimated $4.8 million back in 2008? If the A-list couple can’t relax here, then they’ll just have to find an even more relaxing room. According to the Daily Mail, the couple knocked down one of the adjoining walls between the two apartments, so they could expand the kitchen and easily make them into one big home. There is no possible way to avoid the natural light in this hallway as it’s practically all window, which will help wake these stars up in the morning.

The rooms at the front of the house appear to be a lot darker and have lots of dark wood compared with the rest of the house. Mix & Match Accent Chairs & Accent Tables for any space!

To top it off, Nicole says that her favorite app is the “weather app.” That could come in helpful when planning all those outdoor dinner parties. of Of course, there’s no point in having a penthouse apartment unless you can really push the boat out, right?

The elevator has been specially designed so that Nicole and Keith can drive straight in and get transported all the way to their home without getting out of the car. Although they have enjoyed a life in Hollywood throughout their lives, they also like to spend time living in Australia to get away from it all. The apartment has three bedrooms as well as two terraces that are perfect for when you want to watch all the hustle and bustle on the streets below. While Nicole admitted to Vogue that the guest she would most love to have stay in her guest house was Keith Urban, the singer did confess that if she could have dinner with any historical figure, it would be Eleanor Roosevelt.

$100, $250, or $450 Towards Furniture or Home Decor at Urban Home (Up to 25% Off) Customers can browse and decide what furniture best suits their current home at the 10 locations in Southern California (sales & promotions excluded), or Welcome to UrbanBurb Furniture We are located in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. We specialize in previously used furniture and like-new home décor. Every home needs to have a place where you can go to the toilet, and at this property, you can go in style. From sofas and chairs to accent tables and cabinets, At Home has over 3,000 items from which to choose, making it one of the most varied and versatile home furniture collections. Find the perfect piece for your Kitchen, Bath, or Living Room. Visit our furniture store and design studio, located just upstairs from our original location. This bathroom is lit up by the natural light coming in through the skylights. It even has a name: The Queen of Northumberland. Nicole has even been lucky enough to dive with sharks in her lifetime, something that she says is one of the most dangerous things that she has done. Lord Augustus Loftus was a governor of New South Wales back in the 1880s and once called this house his home.

If there’s one way to enjoy the country lifestyle, it’s enjoying the fruits of your labor. How about that modern and quirky chandelier? Large glass surface also perfect for painting on!

Choose from six different designs, personalized with your name, for this wooden cutting board, ideal for birthdays, weddings, or yourself. Urban Home offers an extensive and impressive range of furniture, home furnishings, home accessories and kitchenware. Many celebrities have bathrooms with two sinks, but this has just the one, and it’s not the biggest either. While there aren’t so many windows here, the light decor helps to brighten the room to feel like there’s lots of natural light regardless. Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list, Our best level of service / most popular selection. Thankfully, there is also plenty of room for a large double refrigerator that we’re sure is filled with some delicious treats. The couple’s home is set back from the main highway so they can feel as though they are cut off from the rest of the world if they want to.

It looks like they wanted a way to cool off from the Californian heat and decided to buy a property with a pool while enjoying their time in Beverly Hills.

The other, and now only, Tennessee home, cost the couple $3.47 million back in 2008.

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Urban Objects welcomes tourists, visitors, and Pensacola Natives with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bedding, Adirondack &

This is a bedroom fir for stars of their size. The house is found in a security-patrolled portion of the area, meaning Nicole and Keith don’t have to deal with any wandering eyes.