Successful Senior Engagement Managers are promoted to Principal once they prove that clients look to them as trusted advisors who can deliver significant and sustainable impact with the projects they lead and the relationship they have established. What is the most important thing you have learnt while working for Value Partners? Applying best practices, Value Partner renders custom-made management consulting services to mid- and large-sized companies across a range of industrial sectors. This site uses cookies to improve their services and visitor experience. Our junior people are assessed on the following skills: From the very start of your career here, we’ll also assess your leadership qualities, and the drive and energy you demonstrate while working with your colleagues and with clients. To me, this is the core of consulting; no right or wrong answer, but rather a process of continuous learning and growth through open discussions and sharing of knowledge and expertise to find the best answer.”. Values; News & Resources. When I finished the University I was still not sure what I wanted to do. Thanks to Value Partners I had the chance to work in 16 different countries in less than 8 years, contributing to the development of 6 of its 10 offices worldwide. Those who are provided with career development opportunities tend to perform at higher levels. You’ll be offered, over the medium term, the opportunity to work on projects which are: Our client base is global and we have a cross-office staffing policy: this means that you will have the opportunity to not only travel locally but to also work on international projects generated by our offices around the world. As an Engagement Manager you will have responsibility for managing a project and the team. We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion. The best thing is that we get to look at our job from a different perspective and focus on how to be more efficient, individually and as a group. Is the MSME banking struggle in Southeast Asia over for traditional banks? Do you enjoy challenges?Do you trust your ideas? The view on Milano Finanza by […], In the 34th edition of Value Partners “Report Banche”: the 2020 first quarter for the major Italian Banks, the early and the future impacts of […], Value Partners Q1 2020 edition of the Asia TMT M&A newsletter, covering 2 topics. Powered by Value Partners | Digital Technology, © 2020 VALUE PARTNERS Spa - VAT Number: 07530950968. Value Partners is a family of highly skilled professionals in the management consulting industry. You’ll be evaluated at the end of every project by the project manager you’ve worked with, and also twice a year in structured appraisal meetings with all the partners. They oversee the work of a number of Partners and are often appointed to manage a group of offices in a given geographical area. Le 3S delle società stanno uscendo rafforzate dalla crisi. Value Partners Group (Hong Kong stock code: 806) is the first listed asset management firm on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and it is currently a Constituent Stock of … Agire subito, anche se non si sa quando passerà la tempesta. I started the interview process with different firms, but in Value Partners I felt a different atmosphere from my first interview. SVPGlobal’s team comprises more than 100 highly experienced professionals, who are split evenly between its U.S. and European offices. Edoardo Angelini Rota Global training is fun and it is an opportunity to make long lasting friendships with colleagues from around the world. Proactive: We learn about your business initiatives and help you define your project’s requirements with quick and appropriate responsiveness. Principals are expected to lead client development and to embody our firm’s values and approach – also when dealing with more junior colleagues. Directors are senior Partners who have established lasting relationships of trust with the top management of client companies. Senior Engagement Manager Hong Kong Office. Value Partners has planned its international presence choosing fast-growing countries that are of interest for European firms. Value Partnership has designed new approaches to tackling these 3 challenges for this digital/virtual period and beyond. Value Partners is a family of highly skilled professionals in the management consulting industry. Although an important part comes from on the job coaching, our consultants take part in global and local training courses to develop and strengthen their professional skills (problem structuring, engagement management, client relationship skills etc). The team includes investment, sourcing, and operational professionals who all function as one integrated group. So what is conviction-led change? Your happiness can improve with personal or couples coaching. It is usually drawn from the interviewer’s experience as a consultant. What makes Value Partners different from other consulting firms? Varied by geographical area / industry / function, Instrumental to your professional development, Compatible, whenever possible, with your expressed interests and any significant personal commitment. Client development will be your main area of assessment. Our people are outstanding problem solvers, and to foster this skills we ensure that your professional development is enriched by experience in a variety of countries, disciplines and lines of business. What relationships does Value Partners establish with clients? Company News; Careers; Contact; What Clients Say About Partner's Consulting: What Clients Say About Partner's Consulting: What makes us a valuable Partner? My confidence in them is unsurpassed. I have never received such quick responses and effective solutions. It really contributes to our development as a consultant. In serving our clients, large multinationals in various business sectors, we simultaneously strive for excellence in client delivery and maintain a collaborative approach internally. We are present all over the world with 5 offices in 4 countries.Wherever your business goes, we are at home. At Value Partners you are in charge of your career, and all those around you will help you succeed be you junior or Partner. As an Associate you will continue to develop quantitative analyses but you’ll also contribute to the problem structuring process, you’ll take responsibility over one area of the project – and, most importantly, over the recommendations linked to this area – and you’ll supervise your more junior colleagues. Business Analyst Milan Office. Management Consulting to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. You’ll have to manage the trade-off between the day-to-day details of the project and the wider picture of the client relationship. Besides, Value Partners is a very agile and flexible organization, that cares about its people and their professional development. Our profession is all about people.Their talent is what makes us unique. Give us a call on 903-677-5860 or send us an email. As a Senior Engagement Manager you will be expected to manage more than one project at a time. We are looking for creative problem solverswho structure their thoughts to reach sensible conclusions. Our drive for innovation, our client devotion and the ability to make the client’s challenges our own represent Value Partners’ hallmarks. You will also play a significant role coaching and mentoring more junior colleagues. Value Partners is a management consulting firm founded in Milan in 1993. For my last training I travelled to Milan and met up with my peers from the global offices: we spent one week working on Consulting skills, as well as getting to know each other and sharing experiences. After studying our team's profile learned how to appreciate and rely on everyone's strengths in different situations. Director Milan Office. We are organizational development and human behavior experts dedicated to helping businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals maximize their potential. We were one of the first firms that realized the value of IT skills in order to offer clients the best service ever. You could have no better informed and credible individuals to work with your organization. Aljo de Ungria The value created for clients, excellent international companies, in over twenty five years has determined our rapid growth and has strengthened our brand’s reputation worldwide. I have attended several training courses, including Communication, Problem Solving and Operational Office tools.