Actually, yes, the vinegar makes a difference, as does the baking soda… it needs to be fresh – nothing older than 6 months from the time you bought it. Orange zest or lemon zest works well.

Required fields are marked *, © 2011 - 2020 All rights reserved. With the mixer on low speed, gradually add the sifted powdered sugar and then vanilla. Mix until it turns smooth & fluffy.

Depression Cake gets its name from the Great Depression.

Crumb coat the entire cake with a thin layer of frosting and freeze for about 10 to 15 minutes to set. Would you also like to leave us a comment? Ok I reported this to the team – and if using the App- it’s a known issue they are working to fix. Please check it out.

I have made vannilla cake….. Hi, I used about 200 ml. Thank you! I can’t stop eating the cake tops thank you!! The description mentioned is little confusing, can you please share details in cup and spoon format. Eggless Vanilla Cake: When I posted this eggless vanilla cupcake recipe a few weeks back, I was being asked if it could be baked without the egg replacer powder. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the vegan butter and shortening. My mom taught me to make this (chocolate version) when I was a kid) I have tried using less oil and substituting applesauce in my low fat diet days.

There was one problem…cake sinks in the middle….I baked in cooker…. Sweetened Condensed Milk (I used a 300ml can). Depression Cake gets its name from the Great Depression. Any idea why this could have occured?

Unfortunately I forgot to substitute orange juice for water which I’m sure would have improved the taste. The taste and texture makes it perfect for any occasion.

Whisk until smooth then spread it. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. He is allergic to milk and eggs ~ and usually has to bypass anyone’s birthday goodies or other holiday treats. I made it for my niece’s birthday tomorrow but am embarrassed to take it. We knew it as Wacky Cake. Line it with parchment paper.

Mine was done at 25 mins. The cake won’t be light. Have a friend whose child is gluten, dairy and eggg free. THANKS!! Skip vanilla completely. Your email address will not be published. 1.

Read more.. Use sprinklers as desired. I have celiac as well as a dairy allergy. I recently went vegan and I’m trying lots of new recipes. I have baked this cake so many times. It is delicious, moist and fluffy. I’ve been baking many years and have some great recipes but this one does not make the cut. You should get 18-24 cupcakes.

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Same here! I’m calling it a win for sure. You want to do the crumb coat so you don’t pull crumbs into your frosting as you frost the cake. Yes to both!

Both cakes and frostings work great together, so feel free to mix it up when you start baking. If not, maybe try a different browser. ps: this is for the chocolate cake.. i was not able to post the comment on that page. The dairy, egg, nut-free cake recipes I’ve tried always come out gummy or disastrous in some other way. It tastes good but the texture is more dense compaired to regular flour. This is now a staple in our home. Place a plate and hot pot stand.

"Local supermarkets have been experiencing a shortage of dairy and eggs lately, so I’m trying to use milk, butter and eggs as wisely as possible. In a large bowl sift the flour together with the baking powder, and mix well. I haven’t yet had a successful white vegan cake. You can check this cake recipe I made in convection mode. This eggless vanilla cake is soft, moist and very delicious.

11. 2. Now cake is very sticky n very dense… Is this bcoz of power cut or using big pan…. Continue to mix it on a low speed. also will adding sour cream add to the taste?

Thank you! I’m using Chrome and I hit the print button in the recipe – no ads. My daughter has food allergies and her bday is coming up, so I will have to test this out! Flour:  all-purpose flour works great here, but if you can find Italian flour is even better, as it’s a bit stronger and will help the cake rise a little more. I haven’t but I’ve had many people tell me they used my favorite GF flour Cup4Cup brand in this recipe and it works great. Thank you so much. cake came out super yummy…soft and nice ….thanks for your recipe… If you need any further help you cam mail me as I am a bit slow in replying to blog comments. I recently found out I have a really bad egg allergy and my baby has a dairy allergy. Thank you for creating this recipe! Did you bake the cake in a microwave oven?

Vanilla Crazy Cake (No Eggs, Milk or Butter) This delicious vanilla crazy cake with rainbow sprinkles has no eggs, milk or butter, you don’t even need a bowl, mix everything right in the baking dish! Plus, finally coming up with two recipes I love, was worth every failed attempt. Mix using a whisk until it forms a batter and most of the lumps are smooth.

Hi Ruchi, My 10 month old son is allergic to dairy, egg, peanuts and all tree nuts. My egg free and dairy free cakes are ready for you! Just wondering…. After your positive reviews of my gluten-free vanilla cake, I decided it was time to tackle other common food allergies, like eggs … 13.

Thank you for this recipe, I will definitely try it, we don’t have vegan butter in our normal shops here, can I have you recipe instead for the frosting that used the coconut milk for making the buttercream frosting please? Because it’s missing dairy and eggs, Crazy Cake can also be a great option for those who have food allergies or follow a vegan diet. The result of this attempt was a cake that didn’t rise and was too dense. Are you using a mobile device?