i want to know the english names of tamil diseases names . .and pls share some images / videos of the plant . Subject. Common in waste places and. It is previously done by FRLHT (i've mentioned it in the post). The ingredients as far as I remember are as follows.Akil,santhanam, athimathuram, yellow mustard, kichili kizhangu,Alli kizhangu, thamarai kizhangu, arugampul, vetiver,Valli kizhangu (not sure), karpoga pacharisi, jatikai(not sure). Volume I, Publishiled by The Department of Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy, Chennai-106.This book is available for Sale from Central Library, Anna Hospital Complex, Arumbakkam, Chennai- 106. Vernonia cinerea* Previous name used in the website: Synonyms: Family name: ASTERACEAE: English name: Little Ironweed: Local name: Monarakudumbiya / Vatu pala: Tamil name: Sanskrit name: Conservation status: Description: Erect or decumbent annual herbs, (5-) 15-30 cm tall, occasionally up o 1.5 m tall. It is common in and around villages. .tanQ. The credits must be go to FRLHT. . thank u. dear sir..i would kind appreciate if you could tell me the name of gondh in tamil(used in treating diabetes)..thank you. The chapter in skin had a face pack making instructions for each season like greeshma rithu etc. Anyway thanks again! Thanks by website design in tirunelveliPrinting in tirunelveliBrochure design in tirunelveliLogo design in tirunelveli, The Dioscorea bulbifera - காய்வள்ளிக் கொடி. Kingdom. Thanks to you hard work. I think it is, . Purple flowering heads, called "cupid's shaving brush", sometimes pinkish, small 6 -7 mm. Genus. Its for your information that the compilation of the Tamil name to botanical name is not completely my work. Thanks, … I think 3rd is same as 1st one. you can contribute to SIDDHADREAMS by any means! Thank You sir.REGARDS,S.T.SATHYA MEONAH, Thank you very much for this informatation. SIDDHADREAMS does not recommend anyone /any organisation for treatment. . Some species are known as ironweed.Some species are edible and of economic value.They are known for having intense purple flowers. What is the botanical name of kannu velli kilangu?? I think it is Vernonia cinerea. Follow. Dear First I thanks for this greate Information.Jatropha glandulifera and Jatropha gossypifolia you given tamil names are same(adalai). i am a student in govt siddha medical college, palayamkottai. we are doing contract forming system of herble plants, VELLAI PONNANGANNI  IN BOTANICAL NAME PLEASE. Thank you, Dr Amith for your visit to my blog. Stems appressed pubescent. Dear Mr.Nagamravi, Thanks for the comment and welcome to siddhadreams! However the name PONNANGANNI belongs to  Alternanthera sessilis, being used widely as  greens in Tamilnadu cuisine, popularly known as "ponnanganni keerai" as the term "keerai" means Green leaves used as vegetable. http://images.google.co.in/images?gbv=2&hl=en&q=Jatropha+glandulifera&btnG=Search+Imageshttp://images.google.co.in/images?gbv=2&hl=en&q=Jatropha+gossypifolia&btnG=Search+Images, Look at this sight which contains 9664 Botanical plant photos.http://www.henriettesherbal.com/image-galleries/photos, Dear Sir,Thank u for ur precious work.Its justlike my personal online dictionary.Thousand compliments 2 Sid.Im presently a researcher in antidiabetic herbs.I need to know the botanical names of some very rare plants growing in Sathyamangalam forests.They r as follows in their tamil names:Nilampurandi,Manithaseeri,Aer alingnal,Manduragam,Aerasingi,Irangusingi,Manjalkadambu,Sitharagampul,Alukanni,Tholukanni.If u cannot find can u please specify any other source to find out the botanical names. Its for your information that the compilation of the Tamil name to botanical name is not completely my work. Long back I had a very old Siddha book called veetu vaidhyam. I wonder how Allopathy medical practitioners are cheating us.It is all because we do not respect our herbs.VenkatChennai, DEAR SIRS,WE NEED THE  BOT ,.NAME OF AKKRAHARAM, AND NAGATHALI , ALSO CULTIVATION PROFILE TO US THE BIOCARE TECHNOLOGYDINDIGUL 624003   EMAIL.l: biocaretecgmail .comwaiting your reply also send us the all type of herble plant tamil name to bot. Thank you again for the exhaustive list.it is very useful. But I got different images images. If the ID is correct then the Bengali names given to this plant are 1), I guess different sp. However, I feel sorry to put you seniors in confusion ! i will inform this site to my friends also. Family. English _ Ash coloured Fleabane,. Yes! cant do anything with this. Thanks for your visit. It had more than 20 I think. Share. : Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid heads:: Vernonia cineria SMP13, Asteraceae Week (Part II - Discoid heads) :: Cyanthillium cinereum at Vaghbil :: 14 JUL 07 :: DV29, ASTERACEAE Fortnight Part 2-Discoid heads Cyanthillium cinerium from Uttarakhand_DSR_25, Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid Heads: Vernonia cineraria from Panipat- NS 31, Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid heads: Vernonia cinerea from Delhi -GS62, Vernonia at Pachmarhi FOR ID :: 18 SEP 13 :: DV, Small herb for ID :: Kanha, MP Tour :: ARKJAN12, Wild Plant for ID : Nasik : 01JUL19 : AK-1, Cyanthillium cinereum (Asteraceae) : Submission. The content of this site is solely intended to spread information and knowledge. Dear Sir, Good work for tamil and global society,Best regards,Yoyr universal soul loving friend,seshya,www,urpfr.org. Have a look at http://siddhadreams.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-from-herbal-former.html, Dear Kavitha, the gum you asked is most probably meant to be Anogeissus latifolia. I have taken the brew myself and found it very useful too. Dear Mr.M, currently we have no database on your query. These pictures taken at Bedok Road, Singapore. Grows not more than 1 metre tall, usually 0.5 meters. Will you please tell me the availablity of mayilmannikkam - Ipomoea quamoclit, mayir manikkam - Sida spinosa, mayirmanikkam - Sida veronicifolia. Order. mail to indiantreepix@googlegroups.com or itpmods@googlegroups.com   2. Sub-Genus. Saroj Kasaju, Please ID the weed photograhs received from one of my contacts. http://www.tnhealth.org/imr.htm, This site is very useful to the youngsters whose are ready to do some researh in siddha. India. For better viewing of species' pages, colour scheme & formatting is being followed as: Description of the species, Details of other flora species on the same page, Uses/ harms, Distribution, Abundance/ Location/ Flowering time & date, Habit & habitat, Etymology & pronunciation, Other interesting information, stories etc., Others, Botanical names, Common names, Main point of discussion below, Discussion about Botanical names. Super-Family. .vinothan, Pls follow the linkshttp://www.academicjournals.org/JMPR/PDF/Pdf2007/Aug/Oduola%20et%20al%202.pdfhttp://envis.frlht.org/plant_details.php?disp_id=1243, please help me in getting the botanical names of the following1.jothi virutcham2.jadai virutcham3.roma virutcham4.saya virutcham5.jeeva kenthi6.eru singi7.kundalam palai8.senthadu pavai9.illai yuthira maram10.mudavatukal11.thalai vanagi12.malaimulungi13.pon vanna sali14.sem bootha virutcham15.karumbootha virutcham16.mundaga virutcham17.jothi virutcham18.senthirai19.sunagi virutcham20.kullathondai21.moovilai kurunthu22.sarala devatharu23.naga nanda virutcham24,kana erumai virutcham25.indira neelam26.sivantha thilai27.nilam purandi28.sivantha thillai29.sarkarai kovai30.sarkarai vembu31.pai thethan32.jothi pul, IT is a great website and keeps the siddha medicine allive...there are lots of unknown sidha plant which could be a cure of all diseases..i hope this website builds on adding as many plant names as possible, kindly suggest me a rare medicinal plant species of tamilnadu or else suggest me some medicinal plant in wich phytochemical analysis in not carried on. Very useful information. To. Hi Saba,This feathers - i used to play when i was a kid and still play whenever i spot one.Its nice to see in pictures, this pic i will cut paste - thank you saba,Nita, Sir, it is reallu usefl for me and one more I want toknow is that what is Neichirattai" please send to "jjrantony@gmail.com".