The best I saw was an tiny Arrow for a list, appeared more than 10 times - the alt-tag was called "web design" (allways).I think it still is, but the site is now out of serps. Great publication, thank you for all this information, which will put it into practice for my work. Images, including graphs and charts, word art, decorative and background images, webcam images, photographs 2.

Great share thank you .

Q&A for Work.

Putting ALT attributes to decorative images? So he had to do a video to explain that he was doing it because a lot of people couldn't hear, and that maybe they didn't have the problem but he really wanted to be able to make everyone laugh.

I really like the idea of video transcript, brings much value in addition to even more SEO content to post.


Does this mean using the alt attribute to include a fallback video source?

For consistency, can we use an alt attribute with the video tag instead?

Subtitling videos makes perfect sense and not just from an accessibility point of view. Next to that, the same meta description on several other sites can’t be the problem. I use the alt-tag for the text-browsers and the title-tag (also within the image tag) as a tool-tip for the visitor. It will never catch on, no matter how much you or Google tries to push people in that direction. The slash ‘/’ mentioned is the relative anchor for the root and seen as a destination, the same as index is. I have 14400 sites with really good content. I'm sorry, but I have to assume that, from a webdesign & SEO utilitarian perspective, the odds of a blind user coming to my client's site and getting annoyed by the description is much, much less likely to happen than my client getting an SEO boost out of keyword-favorable image description.

In this case it may very well be a good idea to add an inside your

Wonderful post Laura, great insights to see here.

The entire article is amazing and you really provided some great insight to both infographics and video in terms of what to do for the user.

Really great post, helpful knowing that there is more to alt thats than seo.

Captions should not be confused with subtitles — they are similar, yet distinct from each other. Putting ALT attributes to decorative images?

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Broaden your SEO knowledge with resources for all skill levels. you see are we going to write alt descs for people or some predetermined word count for da search math?

IMG is an Element!

Who has done that?

ALT attributes mean ? If you look at the specs for VIDEO, you will find that there is no alt attribute in its attribute list.

Note: For elements, the alt attribute can only be used with . Thanks again Laura - still aiming to have all of the sites our team manages screen-reader friendly in six months and there's plenty here to keep me busy! In case you need it, there is a maximum size for the ALT attribute? There are three supported video formats in HTML: MP4, WebM, and OGG.

The person using this web-page would then need to copy/paste the link to another browser tab to see the image. The alt attribute is the HTML attribute used in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text (alt text) that is to be rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be rendered.

. You're right in saying that only the Alt paragraph is no longer enough. It should be better to have no description because nowhere can read them automatically into his system.

This is really nice article and awesome blog .

(The in the zone, don’t bother me look). Get live page metrics right in your Chrome browser.

Right: Infographic provided as HTML styled with CSS (source here). Perfect timing I have to go through and add alt text to a bunch of images and I was feeling a little rusty. pushing a solution that hides links in content with no disclosure whatsoever, or trying to garner a bunch of off-topic links via expired domains), that’s the sort of thing that would cause us to look more closely and possibly penalize the link broker site as well.

, ok... Super strange.

Hi Laura - great post!

Is that a bug or they have found a way to manipulate google?

Really a great informative article, Laura. ;),

Dear Laura.

Hi Matt, I have been watching your blog for some time and i have found some interesting stuff on it. The browser will choose the first source it Thanks.

Thanks for the video Matt. Because the context that you’ve put this in gives this sentence a whole different meaning.[/quote].

Really a great informative article, Laura. I have been doing some searching lately trying to find the different ones you have put together. then I think 7 words is way too short.

Great publication,
thank you for all this information, which will put it into practice for my work.

Since you´re helping out. Thanks again for posting this, i found very interesting material to consult,

Great Article Laura, i´ve been using ALT attribute for every image i upload in a wordpress web, but doing manually is really tired.

Remember that the element is one thing, and the tag (be it start or end tag) is another.

That is a crack up Michael dressed up like a Googler.

As I said a while ago ... Google is blind but not stupid

. Since it's no longer an image, they can't just copy it onto their site (while putting a link back of course).

Thank you for the video. I recognize this post is very old but I am wondering if anyone can provide better insight (or point me in the right direction) of how to make Google better understand what is in the videos I add to my pages.

In SEO some times we are not much aware that how can we implement images and videos very effectively in our website.

Einige Attribute haben dieselben Namen wie Tags und haben dennoch nichts mit dem Tag zu tun (z.B. Thanks, somehow I completely blanked on that when I read this.


W3 spits back 4 errors on your tag!

One of my main sites has been getting a lot of great traffic through Google images but sometimes I’m surprised by which images rank and which don’t.

I`d like to add, addeding or using geotags in images can improve and help to rank well you web

an old browser), and this is not the demographic you are shooting for. I gave up looking at it a long time ago. To me that's reality, and I know that is the way my boss and our client would have me do it as well. Top: Google cache (partial) of infographic text provided on the image infographic page. Keyword stuffing in an alt tag isn't optimizing!

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. Somehow, I never, ever got around to it, even though filling in the ALT text is on the same screen in my Windows 3.1 HTML editor (which I’m still using) as picking the image! For instance, the HEAD element is always present, even though both start and end HEAD tags may be missing in the markup.

accessible optimization techniques for search engines as well as all non-text elements such as images, applets, videos, sounds, etc.

In 2013 it was one of the best local sites for web design here. . The number one trouble would be a browser that does not support HTML5, which is when the VIDEO element was introduced.

The video element has a text node where we write the message.

Most of the time when I watch videos it'll be in work, on my phone in a public place or when my partner is trying to watch TV so using sound isn't always an option. Marketing and tech junkie, ex-circus performer, and addicted to laughing, breaking rules and everything weird. index.php and startseite-1.htm are the same.
Why are so many coders still using Vim and Emacs?

This is a great observation but we can not use the alt attribute within the opening video tag. Having an official Google webmaster blog where bunches of people can chime in is a much better way to do it, in my opinion.

Thanks for the video Matt. I’ve also been trying to find the answer to this question.

Can be embedded in the video itself, or added as VTT file and shown by supported players. Infographics 3.

but we can still give the external link under alt (alternate text) even though if it can’t contain markup. Search Engines Web, were you at Pubcon?

You see, if we are trying to offer good readable alt text for accessibility (sp?) Image captioning also provides context for screen readers, often providing more context than an alt attribute might, or in place of an alt attribute if one is not known at the time of upload.

An all-in-one SEO toolset to boost your search engine rankings.

Image alt attributes in SEO are used to describe to search bots what the image is or what the image points to if the image is a link. Thanks for this post which is so informative.

. Why do these angles look weird in my logo?


Kind regards. Should we use both “alt” and “title” for the IMG element?

Some examples of images and non-text elements are: 1.

The intelligent route would be to expand this blog to include a couple of other Google search quality Engineers, along with an occasional post by Sergey or Larry.

Text as an image is also not always ideal for people needing to use magnifiers, since magnifying text in an image can be pixelated and hard to read. Thanks for covering this. Keyword stuffing is the best thing to do if you want to unfocus a page… which of course is the best thing to do if you want to show up in positions below 1000.

ARIA-describedby - This is something our team could take advantage of to make info-graphics more accessible. Laura

incredibly useful meta tag reference guide,,,,, Tons of PubCon interviews on video and audio. Metadescriptions grow horrible for me. Thanks. Is it possible Alpha Zero will eventually solve chess? Thanks Matt. Would love any comments or improvement suggestions, as this is for us, still, an unsolved issue natively which should evolve to a standard solution ASAP.

The best I saw was an tiny Arrow for a list, appeared more than 10 times - the alt-tag was called "web design" (allways).
I think it still is, but the site is now out of serps.

thank you for your feedback.