Chinese name: 菠菜面 bō cài miànXi’an people use fresh spinage juice instead of water to make this green noodles. The fragrance of spinage is well combined with chili powder, minced garlic and green onion. Xi’an BiangBiang Noodles in 3 words. A quick lunch or dinner, then, is c.£10-15 per person, including service. Here are some of Shaanxi’s special noodles. You can also choose to add toppings including stewed pork, egg and tomato sauce as well as soy sauce and vinegar per your preference. Top 10 Restaurants to Eat Liang Pi in Xi'an, 10 Most Popular and Tasty Chinese Noodles Recipes.
Not to mention that  this healthy dish can also provide you with much needed vitamin and iron! Besides, it is a native style to have garlic and noodle soup while eating noodles.

One is to hold boiled noodles and the other to hold dipping sauce.

Chinese name: 荞面饸饹 qiáo miàn hé leApart from the green spinach noodles, there are also dark yellow Xi’an noodles made of buckwheat. Recommend Shaanxi noodles, can not miss Qishan Saozi noodles. The noodles will be in full contact with Saozi, then eat it in one bite. Chinese name: 户县摆汤面hù xiàn bǎi tāng miànAs another famous dish of Huxian County, the dipping noodles are very similar to Yangling Style Dipping Noodles mentioned above. In addition to the well-known noodles mentioned above, there are many other noodles with local characteristics that are loved by local people. ‘Biang Biang’ is the sound when cook flaps the dough, so as to ensure the noodle’s chewy taste. This style is popular for the spicy chili oil inside, which is made of fennel, pepper and dried chili. The chopsticks pick up the noodles and put them into Saozi, which will be shaken back and forth. This procedure is to increase the spicy and aromatic flavor as much as possible. Moreover, the buckwheat noodles can be made into two versions, cold dish and hot one with soup. Chinese name: biang biang 面biáng biáng miànBiang Biang Noodles may be the most famous Xi’an noodles.


Three different versions of this specialty are listed below. And definitely it was one of my favorite dishes during my four years of university life.

Someone has roughly calculated that there are about 50 kinds of pasta in Shaanxi. Hand.

They have a chewy texture and are often served with a pungent, spicy dressing. Though the soup looks red, there is not so much spicy flavor but more sour and salty taste. Pulled. A pinch of salt in the flour will make the noodles very chewy.

Compared with other Xi’an noodles, this kind of noodles are much thinner and smoother. Now, with different improvements, there are different flavors of fresh flavor, sour flavor, and spicy flavor.

When eating, remember not to dip noodles in the sauce for too long. Saozi actually means diced meat.

“Biang” actually is an Onomatopoeia word describing the sound when the noodles … According to the custom, people will mix water and flour and then keep kneading until the flour dough looks smooth.

Before eating, the noodles can be enjoyed quickly after they are soaked by hot water or hot soup for a while. Pasta is the most common staple food in Shaanxi and other regions. Saozi noodles are very exquisite, which is a kind of noodles with good flavor and color. The Bill. The sour and spicy flavor are well balanced.

Most larger noodle bowls — whether souped or sauced — sit just below or just above £10, depending whether they involve meat. Smaller ‘starter’ dishes are mostly £7-8. Shaanxi, China has a wide variety of noodles,and what have you eaten?, ©2020 Made in China Rank, Made in China Top, Made in China Movies, Products, on Noodles in Shannxi China – A Brief Introduction, Noodles in Shannxi China – A Brief Introduction, U.S. Withdraws More than 65 Chinese Manufacturers from Exporting N95 Masks, Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China 2019 Part 1, top 10 most beautiful women stars in China 2019.

Chinese name: 杨陵蘸水面 yáng líng zhàn shuǐ miànWhen having Yangling Style Dipping Noodles, two bowls are needed. Read More: Top 10 Restaurants to Eat Liang Pi in Xi'an.

Local people usually choose bone broth and add with pepper, cinnamon and other spices. Some restaurants also add green vegetables such as spinach into the sauce. Yangling dips in the face in water surface and soup are apart commonly come with basin undertake outfit and take the noodles out of the soup bowl and dip them into the soup mixture. Not only is this dish famous for its delectable taste and texture, it’s also renowned for the special character used in its name.


In the authentic Biang Biang Noodles restaurant, one single noodle can reach 5 centimeters (2 inches) wide and 1 meter (39 inches) long. If you come to Xi’an in summer, the cold buckwheat noodles can surely arouse your appetite by its smooth and refreshing taste. This is a local halal cooking style and focuses more on the fragrance of sesame, instead of sour or spicy flavor. By the way, Yangling Style Dipping Noodles are also called belt-like noodles (Ku Dai Mian), for the noodles is quite long with a width of about 5 centimeters (2 inches); and this feature explains why the price is set per piece of noodle, instead of per serving. Upon taking the first bite, you will be impressed by the spinage noodles’ peppery taste and al dente texture.

Many people like the combination of wheat gluten and sliced cucumber in this dish. Noodles. Biang biang refers to the flour that is made from wheat in Guanzhong.

In contrast, the hot buckwheat noodles in soup are more spicy and salty.
1 Teaspoon Chilli Flakes ¼ Teaspoon Salt 1 ½ Teaspoon Szechuan peppercorns, crushed in mortar and pestle 1 Teaspoon sesame seeds 1 Teaspoon Black sesame … Hot oil noodle- Biang Biang mian (Biang Biang noodles) is a very interesting and popular dish in Shaanxi province.

Biangbiang noodles are made by boiling the noodles with wide and thin trouser pockets in whole strips, which are made by hand to pull the fermented flour into wide-belted. It is usually hand-drawn to grow thick noodles…

Red chili oil, mashed garlic and mustard all together bring this dish a distinct flavor.

Chinese name: 礼泉烙面 lǐ quán lào miànHere comes another special Xi’an noodle, which may remind you of instant noodles to some extent. Chili oil, fried bean curd and minced pork also play important roles in the soup.