KP-0319: Opinion relating to water regulation. Please review the information on the How To Request An Attorney General Opinion page for details about the briefing process. KP-0210 Whether the contractual assessments imposed by local governments under the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act in chapter 399 of the Local Government Code are “special assessments by the local government and treated in a similar manner as the real … James White, Chair, House Committee on Corrections, Texas House of Representatives. ;?��>;��e�� �j�� �C)�=��n��L��嘄�d��v�n�ۦ���#�PCHё�VC��ސ��q�b��ɠɧ��b�1Y؂&��We ���bK"rURB

Hon. An attorney general opinion is a written interpretation of existing law. KP-0318: Opinion relating to court. RQ-0364-KP: Request relating to the authority of counties during a crisis. John P. Cyrier, Chair, House Committee on Culture, Recreation & Tourism, Texas House of Representatives. ��Mh l3CS������� �A�L�s����U�U�]\���z�������xW�MLr���P�ws;~��"�BpB2�j�4�|��xkS��U��*������i˔��,E9����1^ Z6�f�%"c�]�.��I�E|������[�d ���Z��)�z3��%�Ͱ��[� U�{���N��:GŪf��tr��i�b�"�ur�4Pߔ�"�d����(��c�&� �r0�?/�l�c=vM� ln �.IB�N��N�f�V7��"P'M�"gd{ �ԐJJ�����~�xg����

Copyright © 2020 Texas Association of Counties. How To Request An Attorney General Opinion, Whether subsection 20.05(a)(5) of the Business and Commerce Code prohibits a consumer reporting agency from reporting certain information if the consumer is covered by a self-funded plan with a reference base pricing program, Whether public improvement district assessments may be used in specific circumstances, Government limitations on an individual's right of access to clergy for health reasons, Ector County's compliance with chapter 387 of the Local Government Code, regarding creation of a county assistance district, Whether a driver's license is required to operate a golf cart on a publicly maintained road, as authorized by sections 551.403 and 551.404 of the Transportation Code, Whether Texas Constitution article III, section 53 prohibits salary supplements for the administrative staff of the county's justices of the peace paid out of the justice court's technology fund, Application of Government Code chapter 573, regarding nepotism, to the candidacy for sheriff of a person who is a brother of the current county judge, and associated questions regarding the county judge's role as a member of the county commissioners court with respect to budget and election matters involving the sheriff, Applicability of the County Purchasing Act in specific circumstances, Jurisdiction of a criminal district attorney to prosecute federal officials who violate the criminal provisions of the Election Code, Boundary line between the High Plains Underground Water District and the Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, Whether a conflict of interest exists under chapter 171 of the Local Government Code when a city council member votes to waive penalties and interest for delinquent property taxes accrued by an unrelated person and the Tax Assessor-Collector who requested the waiver is the city council member's spouse, Punishment for a violation of the maximum vehicle weight limit established by the executive director of the Department of Transportation under Transportation Code section 621.102, Whether chapter 157 of the Occupation Code requires a physician to provide any level of supervision to a certified registered nurse anesthetist to whom the physician has delegated authority, and the potential liability for such delegation, Whether a deputy sheriff may simultaneously serve as an elected alderman of a Type-A general law city, Whether the actions of a city councilmember implicate the automatic resignation provisions of the Texas Constitution, Whether hotel occupancy tax revenue may be used to fund a public space at an apartment complex under section 351.101 of the Tax Code, Information a local jurisdiction must provide if denying or conditionally approving a plat under chapter 212 of the Local Government Code and the authority of local governments to establish prerequisites to the submission of a plat application, Application of section 552.143 of the Government Code to investment information published in a media source of general circulation, Whether subsection 38.001(f) of the Education Code and title 25, section 97.62 of the Administrative Code allow school districts, during an epidemic, to exclude students who decline vaccinations for reasons of conscience even when such vaccinations are unrelated to the epidemic, Extension of filing deadlines for elections postponed pursuant to the Governor's proclamation allowing for the postponement of the May 2020 local elections, Authority to remove a county auditor and procedure to do so, Whether Blinn College may donate, convey, and transfer the Star of the Republic Museum to the Texas Historical Commission in light of section 442.062(b) of the Government Code, Whether a peace officer has a duty to intervene in an attempt to prevent another peace officer from violating the rights of a citizen, Authority of the Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board to exempt licensed or certified appraisers from the statutory requirement to comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice when performing a property �evaluation� allowed under the federal Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, Whether a county is a "covered entity" under Health and Safety Code section 181.001(b)(2) and is thereby subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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