Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [2], Leeds and his classmates soon boarded a flight back to the United States, again sitting next to Brant while Parker sat beside Jones, now his girlfriend. Leeds was the only student who tried to defend the idea, knowing that it was to keep their class safe from the impending attack from an Elemental. 91% Upvoted. Entering the house, they saw that Flash Thompson was acting as the DJ for the party while Michelle Jones teased them for coming to the party while denying that she was also attending the party. Male

Leeds used a couple of computers in the school to help Parker in his mission, as well as to help him drive Flash Thompson's car, which Parker stole from him, much to Ned's delight. Ned Leeds is a highly intelligent science enthusiast, hacker, gamer, and geek, though he is also somewhat socially awkward, hence his close friendship with Peter Parker. The Guy In the Chair Drunk & VLT guru.

Scumbag low-level con artists you find in genuine trailer parks. best. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Leeds disables the suit's training protocol. level 1. When Parker learned of this upon landing in the United States, he remained confused.[2]. They were soon greeted by Liz Toomes, who told them to hang around the party. Leeds then called Parker multiple times, realizing that he ditched. By the time the plane landed in Venice, Italy, Leeds and Brant had decided to become a couple despite Leeds' initial plan to be a bachelor.[2]. As they ran away, Leeds worked to distract his classmates so they would not notice that Parker himself was fighting the monster. That evening at the Hotel DeMatteis, Leeds and his classmates tried to make sense of what they had just seen.

Leeds and Brant texted each other as they were bused through Austria, and with her took note of a pair of glasses Parker had recently acquired. JARVIS calculates outcomes, provides instant research, and assists Tony when he is in the field as Iron Man. However, it is presumable that he was killed by Starkweather's henchmen after Cash left Darkwoods. Alias(es) Check out this list of some of the more prominent guys in the chair within popular fiction and vote up the best ones.

While several people were saved by the security, Leeds, Toomes, and Harrington were trapped in the elevator, only to be saved by the arrival of Spider-Man. [2], Leeds helps Peter Parker during the plane ride, When the trip began, Leeds attempted to help Parker with the first step of his plan - sitting next to Jones on the plane and watching movies together. Leeds and Peter Parker locate the Vulture, Returning to the Parker Residence together, Leeds helped Parker on tracking Schultz and his gang's current movements as they made their way outside of New York City. The sight of the Elemental Fusion tipped Jones off that Mysterio knew that she and Leeds were aware of the truth.

Upon discovering his best friend, Peter Parker, was Spider-Man, Leeds then focused on assisting Parker's adventures as they attempted to find and defeat Vulture before he could sell high-tech hybrid weapons to the criminal underworld, while also hoping to use the Spider-Man to improve their own social standing at their school. Date of Death During the journey to Washington, D.C., Liz Toomes questioned their team to get them ready for the finals. To cover for Parker, he claimed to be watching pornography.

Leeds helps Peter Parker with his fitness. Leeds looks over the tracker on Vulture's gang. [1], Leeds and Peter Parker discuss saving his life. Leeds trapped inside the falling elevator. Ned helps Spidey not only as his best friend and confidant, but eventually lives out his goal of being his guy in the chair by helping Spider-Man thwart the Vulture's plans from using the computers in Midtown High's library. He may or not have been one of the corrupt staffers who falsified Cash's execution as one of the staffers shown on the introduction is bald. Species Leeds and Brant watch Mysterio and Spider-Man, Horrified that their kids had been at the epicenters of two monster attacks, the students' families called for an immediate end to the trip. As Leeds and Parker got ready for bed, Leeds asked Parker what he planned to do if another monster attack happened. However, the drones came to a sudden stop; elsewhere in the city, Spider-Man had defeated Mysterio.

The following year, Leeds would go on a school field trip to Europe with his classmates, including Parker.

He is the only civilian character encountered by James Earl Cash during his night post-execution other than his family, the Journalist and the Tramp. [2], Leeds watches the Elemental Fusion descend upon London, Unknown to Leeds, Mysterio defeated Spider-Man in Berlin and used stolen information-gathering technology to redirect the Midtown High group to fly from Prague to London, England, the location of his fifth and final Elemental attack. JOIN THE LIQOUR & VLT GROUP NOW! Ned from Spider-Man: Homecoming had it right.

[4], The next day, after Thanos collected all six Infinity Stones, Leeds crumbled into dust with half of all life in the universe. Web series Citizenship

During their trip to Europe, despite wanting initially to remain bachelors together, Leeds quickly entered a relationship with Betty Brant. The Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked, The Best Supporting Characters In The MCU, Major MCU Characters That Are Long Since Dead In The Comics. On the last day of school, Parker explained to Leeds that he had plotted out a six-step plan to confess his feelings and hopefully win Jones' heart during their class trip to Europe. [1], Leeds arrives to the party with Peter Parker. Although he insisted that they run and hide, Leeds was ignored by Parker who decided to get a lead on the Vulture, As Parker followed Schultz and Vale, as they searched through the school, Leeds was noticed by Tiny McKeever on what he was doing, to which he told that it was nothing. Leeds asked Parker if he was wearing the Spider-Man Suit beneath his clothing, to which Parker confirmed. Ned Leeds[1]Guy in the Chair[1]Big Guy[1]Babe[2] Gender Setting up his plan, Leeds insisted that Parker needed to dress up as Spider-Man to impress everybody there, but Parker refused and was adamant to be himself, despite Leeds insisting that nobody wants that.

Game He tried to persuade Betty Brant to trade seats with Parker by claiming that Parker was allergic to a perfume that the lady in front of them was wearing. He can be seen in official screenshots, the opening demo video, and even in the icon of a Trophy on the PlayStation 4 re-release of the game. When the monster approached the Ferris wheel and it became clear that they were in danger, Leeds reluctantly called for "Night Monkey" to rescue him and Brant. Leeds convinces Peter Parker for the party, After Parker begrudgingly tells him to not assist him, Leeds then overheard Liz Toomes talking with her friends, including Betty Brant and Charles Murphy, and Toomes confessed to harboring a crush on Spider-Man while discussing the Avengers.

Mishearing the Italian news coverage that called the man "l'uomo di misterio", "man of mystery", Leeds and Brant coined the moniker "Mysterio". Leeds supported his friend, and began to like Parker's situation to his own romance with Brant, but was cut off by an abrupt shot from a tranquilizer gun.[2]. Affiliation Peter's To-Do List

On July 2, 1982, Larry Walters made a 45-minute flight in a homemade airship made of an ordinary patio chair and 45 helium-filled weather balloons. Soon after, the chaperones announced that their itinerary had been reworked by the travel company to go to the Czech Republic. Having broken up the arms deal, Peter Parker had also discovered the Chitauri Energy Core. He found an online article that claimed a man named Morris Bench had recently gained water-related superpowers, but Jones didn't believe it. Believing his death to be imminent, Leeds confessed that he felt he'd wasted his life playing video games. List RulesVote up the coolest guys in the chair. Getting help from a guy in the chair that's really just a computer program in your high-tech robot suit. Introduction cutscene, official screenshot. While they discussed with Schultz and his gang had an evil lair, they discussed how to get to Maryland, realizing that the Decathlon was taking place in Washington, D.C..[1].

Sort by. Leeds would then asked Parker if he could be the guy in the chair, much to Parker's confusion. Upon recovering, Parker revealed to Ned that the Vulture is in fact, Liz Toomes' father, much to Leeds' shock. 9 comments. Leeds and the class were excited when they were told that they would be attending a regional festival while in Prague; a few hours later, this was changed to a four-hour opera. Leeds watches the news broadcast with his classmates.

What was up with that? Hacking the Internet, giving instruction to partners "out in the field," preventing a missile launch from a computer console - the guy in the chair does it all. Unfortunately, their chaperone Roger Harrington overheard this and re-arranged the students himself.

After realizing that criminals could've killed Parker multiple times he began to take the Spider-Man more seriously and genuinely wanted to help Parker capture the Vulture , offering support whenever he could.