As of 2018, it is the nineteenth most popular song in the history of the chart. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death The song has been remade by such artists as: Linda Clifford, Nicky Moore, and sung by Anthony Kavanagh, Terry Steele, who reached number forty-four on the R&B singles chart,[17] and Alison Crawford on Grease is the Word. I am struggling in my own daydream In Janet Jackson's cover, the lyrics imply that she and her partner are about to share a threesome with another woman. While "Tonight Is the Night" is being played, renowned "icon" artists appear, namely (in order of appearance) Michael Jackson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ray Charles, Britney Spears, Kanye West, and Mariah Carey. Die another day The US national television debut of the song was on November 3, 2011 on the FOX network, during the week two results show on the American The X Factorin its inaugural season. Hear the angels sing What they want me to say A music video was released, directed by Dori Oskowitz. It was the number 1 song on both Billboard's 1977 year-end chart and the year-end Canadian singles chart. "[18], Rod Stewart - Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright), "The 10 Ickiest Soft-Rock Hits of the '70s - Oldies Music", "The Biggest Hits of All: The Hot 100's All-Time Top 100 Songs", "Item Display - RPM - Library and Archives Canada", – Rod Stewart – Tonight's The Night", "Top Singles – Volume 26, No. Tonight Is The Night I Die is the fourth track off of Palaye Royale’s album entitled The Bastards. What they want me to say It w… "Tonight Is the Night" is the official debut single by Outasight and was released on Warner Bros. Records. I know I can't live much longer As of August … [4] While primarily recorded at Muscle Shoals, the final vocal was recorded at Caribou Ranch studios, where Stewart, Ekland and producer Tom Dowd spent several days. Honda uses this song in TV advertisements for their Summer Clearance Event. slogan is splashed on the screen. Tonight is the night I die My pain and suffering is no more Tonight is the night I die 3 in Australia and charted well in other parts of the world. It was the longest stay of any song during 1976, as well as the longest stay at number one for Rod Stewart in his entire recording career, and the final number one of the US Bicentennial year. The track is also being featured in Pepsi's "Who's Next" campaign. [Verse 2] [Chorus] Surrender to my pain, locked inside my cage Outasight also performed it at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa, Canada. (Believe me, believe me when I say) [Pre-Chorus] A music video was released, directed by Dori Oskowitz. It was produced by Cook Classics and is featured on his debut album Nights Like These.